Thoughts From the Mat – Present Perfect at our Studios

Oh, the thoughts that go through our minds on the mat across our hot yoga studios in Highland Village, Denton, and Grapevine….

“Ommm. What a pretty room. Why did I agree to come to the sweaty class on the schedule? I don’t exactly know what I’m doing. This one hour really needs to be good. Don’t make a fool of yourself. That girl has so many tattoos I can tell she’s going to rock this. Oh, it is her first time too. If they play Enya I’m leaving. This isn’t Enya; this is Lenny Kravitz. Cool here we go because my balance could use some work. Just follow the teacher. She seems nice and look at those ARMS. This feels right. That girl is taking a break. I guess that’s allowed.” And the thoughts continue…

Remaining Present during Practice

“Maybe I can touch my knees after all. Check it out – I can touch my TOES. This song reminds me of the beach. Shoulders, shoulders, wow my SHOULDERS felt so TIGHT this morning and now this is GOOD. I am stronger than I thought. This hot yoga is what I needed, but I heard the abs section would be hard. Maybe I should have had a smaller breakfast and more water next time. I can’t believe I said next time, but these hot yoga studios are REALLY FUN. I am already taller. Maybe I’ll bring my sister. She would love the sunshine streaming in those windows at this Highland Village hot yoga studio. It is so peaceful that I can hear myself think. I like what I hear. This is our kind of place with so much space. I could get used to this feeling. Take a deep breath in, feet hips’-width apart, close my eyes, hands to the sky, and deep breath out.”

“I am powerful. Take a deep breath in. I am present. Take a deep breath out. I am perfect. Namaste.”

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