Class Styles

The Inspire Yoga Difference

Yoga class styles at Inspire showcase individuality, not corporate conformity.

Talented instructors teach to student’s needs, not to a flow chart. Unique vinyasa, slow flow, hatha, and yin classes are new every day. Expect to feel welcome as you walk in and leave inspired when you float out.

Trust Inspire Yoga’s passion to bring out the best in you.

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Best Class Style for Beginners?

We constantly ask the community for feedback.  It is how we all improve. Hear their answer to this question and lots more! Take two yoga classes yourself and then send us your thoughts.

Private Classes

Train privately with your favorite instructor through lessons tailored for your needs and schedule. Ask questions along the way of certified instructors who care about your health and fitness.

Small Group Private Classes are now the most popular request.  We call it BYOF – Bring Your Own Friends! 

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Start Classes Online

Still wonder where to begin? Start from home with Inspire Yoga Online. 

Sure, nothing beats Inspire Yoga’s in-studio experience, but this On-Demand Library has hundreds of example yoga classes. It is the perfect compliment to a beginner’s yoga practice. 

Is Today Your First Visit?

Enjoy your first two weeks at Inspire! Try at least two class styles with our New Client Offer!

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Memberships, class packages, and more are deeply discounted. Only extremely limited quantities released Nov 24th-26th for first come first flow.

Sales vary by location.


Best Yoga Instructor
Best Yoga Studio

Anyone can VOTE until August 16th and we would love your support! The Best Yoga Instructor (Bethaney Pilat) and Best Yoga Studio are #33 & #34 on the list. Thank you for your support.