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  • A Hot Vinyasa Flow class taught by an experienced instructor
  • An All-Levels Welcome environment with modifications and advanced options
  • Experience a new and Unique Sequence of poses with each class
  • Anticipate fun & dynamic music from a creative teacher
  • Benefit from the use of Infrared Heat Panels
  • Expect to sweat

Infrared Heat Benefits

  • Detox the body and improve mental clarity
  • Boost the immune system and aid skin health
  • Increase metabolism and facilitate weight loss
  • Reduce stress and ease muscle or joint pain
  • Improve mood and overcome fatigue
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  • Get started on your path to an INSPIRE class at half the speed!
  • Obtain all the benefits of yoga and infrared heat at your pace
  • All-levels welcome
  • Expect to sweat
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  • Slow it down one more notch and pause the heat please!
  • Experienced Teachers and Unique Sequences with each class
  • Incorporates seated stretches, gentle flowing elements, and standing poses
  • All-levels welcome
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  • This class is practiced in a cool environment and will not make you sweat
  • Gentle seated stretches releases tension in the connective tissues of the body
  • A great place to experience the mental benefits of a yoga practice
  • Always taught by an amazing Inspire Yoga Certified instructor
  • All levels welcome
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Personal lessons are a great way to fine tune your practice. Contact us today to set up an hour with your favorite instructor!



  • These specialized courses are open for everyone to enjoy

Select Topics

  • Yoga Basics | A review from the beginning
  • Yoga Nidra | A guided meditation
  • Arm Balances & Inversions | An energetic challenge
  • Chakra Balance | A healing experience
  • Myofascial Release | An intense release
  • Sound Bath | A vibrational cleanse
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We host unique events for our awesome community. Check out the link below to learn about upcoming get togethers!



  • Join the best yoga teacher training program in Texas since 2011
    • Lead by a caring and experienced team
    • Yoga Alliance accredited 200 &  300 Hour Programs
  • Become an Inspire Yoga Certified Teacher!
    • Gain confidence and deepen your practice
    • Connect with an amazing teaching community

Select Topics

  • Asana and Anatomy
  • Philosophy and Philanthropy
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Practical Experience
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