Personal Lessons

Why Personal Lessons?

Focus on You

In a personal lesson, our dedicated instructors will discuss your health goals and concerns and develop a plan for YOUR path toward improvement, mobility, stillness, or comfort as the case may be. You have a trusted guide to help you get where you want to go in a supportive and encouraging environment.

On Your Schedule

Whether you’ve got to head to work, take the kids to school, attend extracurricular events, or just spend quality time with family, there is always a lot on your schedule. So, you tell us when you want to yoga. It's that simple. Purchase a private class package and we'll work around your schedule.

Professional Environment

Personal lessons are held in our studios with an Inspire Yoga certified instructor. No need to worry about an unknown instructor coming to your home that you've never met. We've been operating for over 13 years, safely guiding our community with a reputation you can trust.

Gain Confidence

Unsure about group classes? Personal lessons will help you become comfortable with how your body is meant to move. Beginner yoga students can feel very comfortable in a group class after only a couple personal yoga sessions. Whatever mountain you face, we can help you achieve your next goal.

Schedule Your Personal Lesson Today

Select a location below and browse instructors and availability. Select the one that fits your schedule.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Have more questions or unique needs you may want to address? Send us your questions below. Our certified staff will contact you and gladly address any questions to get you started.

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