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Acclaimed Teacher Training Program

Looking for the perfect yoga teacher training near me with open enrollment?

Inspire’s certification program is critically acclaimed, Yoga Alliance Accredited, and open to brand new students.

Join simply for the growth journey or resolve from the start to become a great yoga teacher. 

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Curriculum Overview

Inspire’s 200 HR certification curriculum is easy to complete and accessible to anyone.  A mix of in-person studio sessions combine with online training videos to covers topics like:

  • Physical Foundations (Online Module)
  • Anatomy (Online Module)
  • Breath and Intention
  • Asana and Energetics
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Philanthropy and Community
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Teaching Practice 
  • Example Classes (Online Library)
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Why Invest in Teacher Training?

This training is your gateway to create a fresh start, enhance a professional career, and bring balance to a busy home life. Everyone’s reason is personal and unique, just like you.

Share in the personal story of recently certified instructors and discover why they invested themselves fully into Inspire’s program.  

Ready to Start?

Step 1: Know the Program

Review the dates and details.  Then let us know how to contact you.  

Fill out the free Application to let us know a little bit about you before we begin.

IN-PERSON SESSIONS: Saturdays & Sundays 12:00-7:00 pm

  1. September 23-24
  2. Sept 30-October 1
  3. October 14-15
  4. October 21-22
  5. November 4-5
  6. November 11-12
  7. December 2-3
  8. December 9-10

REQUIRED ONLINE COURSE Flexible schedule. Begin now. Complete by October 2023 to stay on track.

Tuition: Program Deposit $500 & Balance $2955 + Online Course $245

Early Bird Savings: SAVE $300 if registered by 8/1/23 with your deposit. Payment Plans available after deposit.

Purchase the Online Course: separately through Inspire Yoga Online. Begin this course any time.


Step 2: Purchase Online Courses

Physical Foundations is $245 at Inspire Yoga Online.  Purchase this separately and begin as soon as you are ready.

Step 3: Reserve your spot

In-Person sessions for 2023 and 2024 coming soon. Contact your studio to inquire further.

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Common Questions

This is a simple and emphatic YES.  

You will not be the first person whose very first exposure to yoga was day one of a teacher training program.  

In many ways, this opportunity may make you the best of students with a heightened sense of observation .  There is no doubt that in this case, you will want to heavily weigh the credibility, longevity, and integrity of Inspire’s program.  Let Inspire be your fist impression.

NO.  There is no requirement that you must become a yoga teacher at the end of this training program.  

Over the past decade we noticed three main reason categories why people take Inspire’s yoga teacher training program.   Only one of the main reasons involves the final instructor certification portion.

1) A New Growth Experience.    A quick, fun, and exciting new experience is always a welcome opportunity in a life well lived.  A very common reason to join the next session is simply to have fun, learn something new, and focus a little time on self discovery.

2) Strengthen an existing Yoga Practice.  This is the most common reason of the three.  After a period of time enjoying group classes and specific workshop topics, Inspire sees a lot of students who seek to carve out needed time in their life to strengthen their practice and learn more about the How and Why and What of a great yoga practice.

3) Become an Inspire Certified Instructor.  Most people in the area will tell you that Inspire Yoga’s track record of supporting dedicated students on their journey to become instructors is among the best in the industry.  So, long time practitioners or those who feel called at an early age trust Inspire with their education and personal development.  


The combination of Online and In-Person education provides a lot of flexibility to the student.

The Online portion can begin as soon as you are ready.  Make the most of your time. Prepare early and be comfortable before the first In-Person session begins.

Once you purchase the Online Modules, you retain access to re-watch and re-study them as you progress through Inspire’s training programs.  The first course is found here: Inspire Yoga Online Registration for Physical Foundations

The Online Courses and the In-Person sessions are both needed to complete your certification.  Purchase the Online Courses at and enroll for the In-Person sessions at

Inspire has a great network of yoga studios that frequently host the In-Person sessions.  Typically these are covered on the weekends and are completed in 6-7 sessions.  This real life shared experience with others is an inextricable part of the yoga teacher training program.  Some elements simply do not translate well on film and require a shared experience with others. 

You will learn how all of these are taught, YES.  

To excel in each will take time, but you will find what interests you most and gravitate in that direction at first.  

There is no requirement to teach any of these, but Inspire’s training program has a decade long track record of producing certified instructors that are in fact AWESOME at all of these categories. 

The Inspire Yoga 200 HR training includes a karma class opportunity for those who choose to pursue the certification portion of the program. 

The availability of quality practical experience separates Inspire Yoga’s program from others that may attempt either a 100% text book curriculum or a 100% online course.

Today many Inspire Certified Graduates can be found teaching great yoga classes all over Dallas, Ft. Worth, Texas; Colorado; Arizona; Kansas; Michigan; and, beyond. 

We definitely understand. Please email us at

Have Additional Questions?

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Still have questions about pricing, health and safety practices during training, or anything else not answered? Contact us so we can assist you. 


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