No matter your current fitness level, flexibility goals, or experience with yoga, Inspire Yoga classes will help you become a better, brighter, and more balanced version of you!

New to yoga, or just our studios, take UNLIMITED classes to discover how healthy feels for you.

New to Inspire Yoga? Get ready to...



Classes at Inspire Yoga teach you to move your body in new ways, stretch beyond where you once were, and rest your way into a healthier way of life. We celebrate all that our bodies can do in each class.


Classes at Inspire Yoga encourage you to improve your mood and mindset, naturally. Our unique movement practices transform your body, enhance your self image, and help you achieve a deeper sense of inner peace.

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The community of students and teachers at Inspire Yoga is truly magical. Be part of a healthy lifestyle community of like-hearted people. You'll connect more authentically to your self and those around you when you dive in with us.

Our unique blend of movement, inspiration, and connection sets Inspire Yoga apart from other forms of exercise and other places to practice. We have built all of our passionate yoga communities locally with family-owned and operated studios and a desire to make a positive impact on the people that lay down their mat with us. Our studios have won numerous awards, year after year, for our consistent and committed service to our people. Come and experience INSPIRE YOGA for yourself. We’ve been waiting for you. 

Benefits of Yoga

Improve Posture and Balance

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Increase Strength

Enhance Flexibility

Improve Mental Health

Boost Immunity

Begin your Inspire experience today!

Our 2-week Trial Membership gives you an unlimited opportunity to experience multiple classes, teachers, and even locations to give you a taste of your path to a more peaceful and empowered life. Take advantage of your 2 week investment in you and start discovering how healthy feels!

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Common New Yogi Questions

All new students are encouraged to book a free, 20-minute 1:1 welcome session with one of our knowledgable staff members. This will give you personalized guidance into class types, teachers, and frequency to get you where you want to be the quickest. 

Many new students also begin with a series of private lessons. This will give you foundational knowledge of what to expect in our classes, how to move your body safely in a group class, and where and how to begin or progress into our classes. 

If you want to bypass our 1:1 offers, we guide new-to-yoga students into our SLOW FLOW classes first. These are offered in heated and non-heated versions to choose from. Your teacher can suggest another great class based on how you felt after your first class. 

If you are a practiced yogi and know what you like, you can jump into any class that suits your needs. Familiarize yourself with our class styles first by reading the descriptions in each class listing.

Our studios utilize the remarkably healing and energizing heat from infrared light. This is a deeply penetrating heat source that will not only help you sweat out impurities from within your body, but also help to repair and revitalize yourself from the inside, out. 

You should always come to classes well-hydrated with appropriate minerals or electrolytes to keep your cells happy. You should also re-hydrate after every class.

Breathe fully and deeply as instructed in class and allow the infrared heat to move you. If you ever feel overwhelmed during a heated practice, you should pause and rest. It is always recommended to listen to your body’s unique cues in working with the heat. The person next to you in class may have been doing this for years and has acclimated to the process. You listen to you.

When you come to the end of our infrared heated practices together you may experience an incredibly euphoric glow about you. This is the flow of feeling great. This is what keeps us coming back day after day. We hope you will love it too and come sweat with us. If the heat is not for you, you’re in luck. We also have excellent low and no heat classes on our schedule too. 

We suggest having your own personal yoga gear to practice with. A good quality yoga mat will last longer and feel better than a starter mat from a superstore. We carry some of the best brands in all of our studios and can guide you to one for your needs while here. 

All students are also encouraged to bring a sweat towel, a yoga block, and water to stay hydrated in class. Our studios have these items on hand for purchase, rent, or community use.

You should wear whatever you can comfortably move your body in. Most students wear “yoga pants” or workout wear. Moisture-wicking fabrics help in the heated classes and loose-fitting clothes feel ultra comfy in our yin and non-heated classes.

Our studio spaces are a no-shoes environment. We have cubbies to put your personal belongings during class.

When your health is your priority, you will naturally find your best frequency of attendance. You will fall into habits that encourage your progress and make you feel better over time.

Consistency is key. Committing to 2 or more classes per week is considered baseline for seeing and feeling some sort of effect from your practice. Sporadic engagement, while still beneficial, will put you back at your starting point over and over again, lacking the progressive benefits of a regular practice. 

The more frequently you can attend, the better, brighter, and more balanced you will begin to feel both on and off the mat. Your future health is depending on your commitment to yourself today.

We are honored to see you on this journey. We are invested in making sure our students get what they came here for. Showing up for yourself is the first and most important step. We’ll help you from there.

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