Free Yoga Introduction

Doing something new doesn’t always have to be scary. We make your first yoga classes at Inspire convenient, fun, and rewarding. Start with this free yoga introduction at Inspire Yoga!

New students to Inspire Yoga can book a free, private, 1-on-1 Welcome Session with a knowledgeable Inspire Yoga teacher. Together, we will make you comfortable and ready to begin your journey to experience how healthy feels.

Inspire Yoga has been a welcome home for new yoga students for more than a decade. We love to meet new smiling faces and are eager to help you experience the amazing benefits of yoga for yourself. Healthy habits like yoga will change the world. We are excited to help you start a yoga practice with us!

What can you expect at your free 1:1 session? Each free yoga introduction session is reserved for one client only – YOU! You can expect to learn about you, the studio, and our yoga methods in your private 20-minute session. We give you personalized guidance into the best classes, teachers, and recommended schedule to meet your specific needs and goals. Together, we aim to help you create a better, healthier life for yourself.

The free yoga introduction is a great way to begin your yoga practice at Inspire! We’re here to answer all your questions and ease any worries. We want to empower you to confidently take that first step into the studio with us…where you belong!

Head to your studio page and register for the 1:1 Sessions on the schedule!

Want to Learn More?

Although we recommend our personal 1:1 Info Session, if you are interested in learning more on your own about what to expect as a beginner, we’ve answered common questions in our Beginners Blog.

6 thoughts on “Free Yoga Introduction”

    1. Hi Van,
      We’d love to help get you into the best classes for you at one of our studios! Please shoot me an email and let me know which location you are closest to and we will get someone in touch with you asap for a free 1:1 welcome session.
      ~ Bethaney

  1. I’m very interested. I am 64 years old and have never taken yoga. I had hip replacement in 2019 and I’m doing well. Back to running, etc. But I think yoga is a good thing to do and continue to do as I get older so I can be more flexible. I want to enjoy up and down with my grandkids. I live and work in Denton.

    1. Hi Suzan,
      Thank you for reaching out with a high interest in starting yoga with us at Inspire! Our Denton studio manager is reaching out to you to follow up and get you all the info you need to get yoga into your life!

  2. I wanted to talk you about coming to my boxing gym one day for a boxing camp I am putting on. I was wondering if your team could talk to them about stretching. I am a nonprofit gym that works with at risk youth an young adults. Most of my boxers are lower income. Any discounts on pricing would be appreciated.

    Rich Lox

    1. Hi Rich, Thank you for reaching out to us! It was wonderful to meet you and your boxers at Legacy Boxing Gym. We love spreading the benefits of yoga to all.

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