Frequently Asked Questions

Your Priorities

Inspire provides a service inherently designed to keep your mind, body, and immune system performing at its best. You know your health and fitness needs and Inspire knows how to support your priorities. 

The overall health, safety, and satisfaction of this community remains our primary mission. Please review some of questions and answers below. 

Health and Safety

Each class has a maximum number of participants that may attend.  If the online registration system allows you to check in, that means the max has not been reached yet.

You can expect ample mat spacing at all times in every studio.   In most cases there may be some type of indicator guides on the floor to suggest where to put your mat.

If you have any questions about where in the room you should place your mat, just ask you instructor for help.

Inspire studios are equipped with high-powered exhaust systems to expel the entire rooms air immediately after every class. 

In between each class we target a minimum fresh air exchange of 3 times the total rooms air volume.  This ensures that each class begins with ample brand new fresh air from outside.   (Then for most classes, we heat that air!)

Yes, frequently and vigorously.  We remain extremely proud of our Studio spaces and ensure the cleaning and sanitation schedule leaves the place sparkling.  This includes everything from the floor on up to any shared surfaces (doorknobs, faucets, restrooms, etc.).  If you ever see a single aspect that does not already far exceed generally accepted standards, just let a team member know and it will be addressed.

Adjustments can be a beneficial part of your practice, but for the time being, our talented instructors will only provide exceptional verbal assists in group classes. 

Adjustments are available again via Private Lessons and Workshops in conjunction with excellent verbal communication and mutual consent.  

No.  There is no face cover requirement to enter or practice at any Inspire studio location.

Given the fresh air exchange and managed class size, you are free to breathe deeply.  

Breathe to balance your sympathetic nervous system.  Move to increase your blood flow.  Sweat to eliminate toxins.  Burn calories to decrease your body mass index.  These are the steps toward a more robust immune system. 

Anyone is welcome to wear a mask at any time.

Please rest at home.  We look forward to seeing you when you feel better.

We continue to over communicate the necessity that anyone with active sickness self-monitor and stay home. 

Our staff will always mindfully do the same for your health. You can cancel your registration through your MindBody account.

Registration and Purchasing

The best way to guarantee your spot is to register for class.

On the Location tab you select a studio location.  Just find the class you want from the class schedule and you be able to book a class.

If it is your very first visit there will be a couple quick registration clicks, but you got this.  If you have any issues please email or call the studio directly.

There is also a Walla Booking app available for download (scroll to bottom).  Some members use this to quickly sign in to each class the night before. 

Yes.  All locations will accept a walk-in client for class.  A membership or class purchase can be obtained during your first visit to the studio.

Please note that capacity is limited and you are encouraged to register in advance to ensure your spot.  

An online waitlist function in place so it is ok to register for a class that is currently full.  You will be notified via email if a spot opens up. 

If you are unable to complete a transaction through this website or the Walla App, please contact your studio via email or phone. 

Contact information for each studio is found under the Locations tab.

Is Today Your First Visit?

Enjoy your first two weeks at Inspire with a special New Client Offer! 

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Sales vary by location.


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