Yoga Classes for Beginners – How and Where Do I Start?

At one point, we have all searched for yoga classes for beginners near me. Who are we kidding?  Being a beginner is hard. And learning anything new results in feelings of frustration or inadequacy.  

That little voice in the back of your head starts wondering if other people in the yoga class will know you are a beginner or if you’ll stand out.  

“You can learn new things at any time in your life if you are willing to be a beginner.  If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you.” 

– Barbara Sher

I Want to Begin Yoga Classes, But How Do I Start?

The questions can be endless and the reasons to not begin with yoga classes seem all so rational. We promise you aren’t alone in asking questions like these before walking into a studio:

  • Which class style is right for beginners?
  • What is the Hot Yoga like?
  • What should I bring or wear to my first class?
  • Will I feel out of place in the room with “yogis”?
  • What are the health and safety practices?
  • Should I start with online or outdoor yoga classes?

We’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled answers to 6 common new yogi questions to beginning a yoga practice a little bit easier.

Inspire Yoga Colleyville front desk check-in lobby
Day One at Your Inspire Yoga Studio Is a Breeze. Inspire Yoga – Colleyville Instructor Checks in a Student.

Which Style of Yoga Class Is Right for Beginners?

With so many styles of yoga, where to start is daunting when looking at a class schedule. What is Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Yin yoga, Bikram yoga, etc?

There are a lot of styles of yoga to pick from, but the good news is there is no test to walk in our doors. Every Inspire Yoga class style is accessible to beginners, yet structured to ensure a challenge for all levels. 

Inspire Yoga is primarily a vinyasa based studio, which simply means we match breath to movement. It also means that we are not a set sequence studio, where you move through the same poses every class. At Inspire, each class is unique and dynamic.

Inspire Yoga Students scandasana right side
Each Inspire Yoga Class is Unique with Dynamic Flows for All Levels

Our instructors have the freedom to sequence with a fresh perspective, every time. And no one will be yelling on a microphone to be in a specific pose, to not rest or take breaks, or singling you out after you’ve had the courage to walk through the door. Each class is about your ability and your comfort level, which also helps prevent injury. 

Inspire Vinyasa, Slow Flow, and Yin Class Formats

If you are completely new to yoga, a Slow Flow (non-heated) class may be the place to start. This class moves at a comfortable pace through a variety of Hatha-based postures. The instructors provide modifications for all levels. If you want to start with a heated class, the Slow Flow (heated) has a similar pace, but you’ll experience a warm room around 88 degrees. 

Denton studio yoga student demonstrates balancing position in class
Slow Flow Movements in an Inspire Yoga Class

If you want to jump right in, you don’t have to start with a Slow Flow. Our signature Inspire vinyasa class is practiced in a hot room (infrared heat from 97-99 degrees) and moves at a moderate pace.

This class format offers diverse and integrated posture sequences from foundational through advanced poses. Resting positions are encouraged at all levels, and our expert instructors are trained to provide modifications for all levels during these classes as well.

yoga student plank position
Inspire Hot Vinyasa Class Incorporate Dynamic Postures Such as Plank

If you are a beginner looking for a yoga class to compliment other rigorous activities you practice, such as running or cycling, Yin is a great option. Yin classes incorporate relaxed, passive postures held for 3-5 minutes at a time. 

Experience gentle seated stretches that release tension in the connective tissues of the body. Many beginners seek the benefits of yin yoga for anxiety.

Will the Hot Yoga Classes Be Too Intense?

Inspire Yoga instructor Natasha in simple forward fold, perfect for beginners.

At Inspire, we love a great hot yoga class under the infrared panels. All of our studios, Highland Village, Denton, Grapevine, and Colleyville, use infrared panels.

We believe in the benefits of infrared heat including detoxing the body and improving mental clarity; boosting the immune system and aiding skin health; and, reducing stress and easing muscle or joint pain.

The hot Inspire Vinyasa format is accessible for advanced practitioners as well as beginners. Instructors offer modifications and use props to assist you as you find your pace and learn the pose names. 

There are hotter areas of each studio, so ask your instructor where it would be best for you to start.

Everyone should leave feeling successful and with that amazing sense of accomplishment of trying something new!

Stumbling is encouraged because this is a yoga practice, not perfection. Resting (and water) is encouraged because… well, we just might need it. Trust me, the people around you are not that different. And remember, you can find a variety of heated AND non-heated classes. It’s not all or nothing at Inspire.

What Should I Bring or Wear to My First Yoga Class?

You should be comfortable as you practice.  Avoid very loose fitting clothes that are too baggy and may get in the way of moving.  We all love our favorite baggy Dallas Cowboys jersey, but probably not the best choice…for yoga at least.

Water is a must!  We want to make sure you are staying hydrated as you begin to explore your yoga practice. You might also find a hand towel will help you in those sweaty classes so you don’t slip on your mat. 

Each studio sells some great Manduka Yogitoes yoga mat towels which are a good investment over time. But browse around as you get more comfortable and learn what you need for your practice. Here are some eco-friendly mat options as well.

Speaking of mats, we recommend a quality yoga mat as you continue your practice, but it’s not necessary starting out. Feel free to rent a mat to try out some different options or bring your own from home. Inspire Yoga staff can recommend quality options for you and each location has various brands on hand for sale, such as Manduka or Jade Yoga, to support your practice and needs.

You may notice props at your studio, too. Blocks, straps, and bolsters are commonly used in class. Ask your neighbor about why they use them. Or ask your instructor as to how these options could assist you in your practice. Don’t be shy – we love answering questions. 

Will I feel out of place, in the room and with “yogis”?

We’ve all seen the pictures of sweat dripping off everyone in a room, skimpy outfits and shirtless practitioners. If you stare at these too long, you can be misguided as to how regular yogis show up each day.

Don’t succumb to all the picture perfect advertising and social media posts of the “look at me” yoga. Yogis are people just like you. They come in every shape and size.

Every person in that yoga class started out as a beginner once too. The person next to you who has been practicing for years is secretly rooting for you. They know the benefits that have come from a consistent practice as noted by Johns Hopkins. They are excited for you to experience it too.  

We encourage everyone to chat and get to know the people who practice next to them.  We love our community and they are ready to welcome you with open arms.

But I Don’t Know the Pose Names.

Don’t worry, it takes a little time to be know the pose names, but our instructors are experts at cueing body movements, alignment, and positions, not just calling out poses. You can always get some initial understanding and practice on some of the poses through our tutorials including Downward Facing Dog, Upward Facing Dog, Warrior 2, Wild Thing, Dolphin, Eagle, Savasana (Corpse Pose), Wheel or Bridge, Chair, and Crow.

Some beginners also prefer to start learning, and practicing, some of these poses through our Online Module Physical Foundations.

Hear from Our Community about Beginning Their Yoga Journey

Christina C.

About a year ago I joined Inspire Yoga and that was the greatest decision I have made for myself.Learn more about Christina’s story.

Erin B.

I started off just moving my body as best as I could and progressing slowly at the speed that worked for me.Learn more about Erin’s story.

Bruce & Sarah

“I found that my weaknesses weren’t that weak (and frankly, nobody cares), and that the yoga experience wasn’t that weird.” Learn more about their story.

Alana S.

“Inspire Yoga has helped me of course in my flexibility and strength, but so much more in bettering myself.” Learn more about Alana’s story.

What safety standards does Inspire have?

Today is different than it was before, but the overall health and safety of our community remains the top priority.  We provide a service inherently designed to keep your mind, body, and immune system performing at its best.  Rest assured that we take great care to share this service in the safest way possible.

Inspire Yoga has put a number of studio guidelines in place to ensure a safe class experience for everyone, including increased sanitization, recommended spacing, powerful air handling and purification systems, and much more. Learn more about Inspire Yoga’s health and safety standards or contact your studio for further questions.

Should I Start with Online Classes or an Outdoor Class?

Starting yoga classes online or outdoors can be a great option for beginners looking to step in slowly. Let’s look at some considerations for both options.

Online Classes Can Add Control of Class Pace in a Familiar Setting to Start

Inspire Yoga has also worked hard this last year to build an expanding and recognized online library to support beginners and anyone else with their “anywhere” practice.

Many beginners have considered yoga at home vs. yoga in a studio for a number of reasons, even our amazing instructor Alana who shared her experience.

To support beginning yoga classes online as well, we offer over 200 classes, 12 instructors, and multiple styles at Inspire Yoga Online. Visit Inspire Yoga Online to learn more and search for your practice today.

On demand library promo

You can also try this great beginner slow flow with Alana on Inspire Yoga’s YouTube channel for free. Subscribe to our channel as we release more content.

Are Outdoor Yoga Classes Good for Beginners?

As the weather changes, Inspire Yoga offers more community yoga classes outdoors. Outdoor yoga classes can be a great, and fun, option to start your practice.

Outdoor Yoga in Highland Village
An Outdoor Yoga Class at the Shops at Highland Village just North of Flower Mound

If you are looking for outdoor yoga classes, check our schedule and follow the social media pages for the options near you. We have new options coming up in Grapevine at the Main Street Pavilion in front of the new Harvest Hall. These are great events for all yoga levels, including beginners.

What Beginner Questions Do You Have? Drop Us a Comment.

We’ve answered 6 of the common questions we’ve received from Beginners.

However, there are definitely more questions we can answer. Drop us a comment with your question and we’ll add comments or update this information. We love your feedback.

Ready to Begin Your Yoga Journey?

Inspire Yoga’s welcoming community offers over 300 classes across our locations for new yogis to start. Join the group class that meets your schedule and pace.

Remember that the teacher leading the class started off in your shoes.  But if you are ready to be a beginner, we’re ready to open a whole new world for you. 

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  1. ‘Everything is difficult until its not’ – As it turns out, the only difficult thing is making the decision to show up for day one. From there, it becomes easy quickly. Great read. Thanks!

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  3. Asana mention in your post has really helps who are under pressure during this pandemic.
    It helps them to control their body and mind to come out from any kind of stress.

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