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Yoga at Home vs. Yoga in a Studio – 3 Simple Reasons to Love Both

Are you looking to start yoga, but still unsure of whether to try yoga at home or practice in a yoga studio?

The truth is there are 3 simple reasons to love both an in-studio and at-home practice. Finding the right balance of self and studio practice provides benefits and options for both new and seasoned practitioners. 

Pondering this question eventually led me to the front page of Inspire Yoga on more than one occasion! 

My name is Alana Speed and I am an Inspire Yoga teacher training graduate and have taught hundreds of yoga classes. I am grateful to the University of North Texas for granting me a degree in public relations with a double minor in marketing and social science. It was during that time when I met Inspire Yoga and completed a fun internship assisting with their marketing needs! From there, I just kept getting more involved.  So now, here we are!

Yoga At Home

It’s All About You!

Literally. Whatever you need that day, maybe it’s a child’s pose for 15 minutes or a straight hour of Inspire Vinyasa, you can take the time on your mat in the convenience of your own home and just be. The beauty of any kind of yoga is being able to get into your body, but spending time in a quiet room away from distractions (yes, even your ornery animals) allows you to focus on you, your breath, your body and your needs.

Being still on your mat in savanna
Savasana is the best time to be still and quiet regardless of where you are

The benefits of quiet time have, yes even for adults, been noted in multiple recent studies. A recent article in the Cleveland Clinic highlights some of these important benefits from being STILL:

  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Decrease your heart rate
  • Steady your breathing
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Increase focus and cognition

No Set Time!

I will be the first one to say, ain’t nobody got time to do all the things that are in your weekly planner.

I get it, getting to a set time at a studio can be difficult. Sometimes I am lucky to get into the Denton studio once or twice a week. That’s where setting aside 5 or maybe 10 minutes out of your day of breathing, stretching out or doing a few sun salutations can balance out your busy schedule.

Before bed, with your cup of coffee or whenever you can, squeezing in a little self-practice is better than nothing. Taking time out for you is what matters!

Inspire Yoga Teacher Practicing at Home Online Classes
Rachel, an Inspire Yoga teacher, taking time for herself practicing at home

The Benefits of Technology – Inspire Yoga Online

This past year of 2020, and even 2021, has been tough on everyone. The distance from others, isolation, and unknown have weighed in different ways on each of us. But online classes, training, and so many meetings have forced us to benefit from technologies in new, novel ways. Forbes noted in a recent survey that

46% of survey participants stated that they intend to make virtual classes a regular part of their routine, even after studios reopen. 


Knowing the need for increased home practice, Inspire Yoga has jumped into the digital age. We’ve built an online yoga platform at Inspire Yoga Online so you can take time out for you, on your schedule, whatever your needs.

With over 200 videos, 12 instructors (including me), and 12 different formats and lengths, Inspire Yoga has made a home practice more accessible than ever.

Inspire Yoga also releases some videos through their YouTube channel. Catch one of my classes here for some at home practice.

60 min Yoga Slow Flow for Beginners with Alana: Hips and Heart

Yoga In a Studio

Community Is Everywhere!

Nothing is better than plopping your mat down next to a familiar face at your studio. Being able to come to a space, with like-minded people to breathe and connect with is truly a unique experience.

Practicing together with friends at Inspire Yoga - Highland Village
Classes at Inspire’s Highland Village studio are a Shared Experience with Friends

There is a sense of motivation and support as you all sink into chair pose for the 18th time, with sweat dripping off your arms, all breathing in unison as you share a challenge, an intention and your energy with each other.

I encourage you to introduce yourself to your mat neighbor before or after class. You’ll find even after just a few times coming to the studio, the space becomes your second home.

Friends hanging out at Inspire Yoga Grapevine
Meet New Friends at Inspire Yoga

Letting go of control

This is big for all my anxious yogis out there! As someone with the need to be in control of every move that’s happening next, being able to let go and be guided in the moment in the class is so powerful.

Letting your mind slow down from the constant thinking, questioning, guessing where you should go next is important when practicing mindfulness. Researchers have studied the therapeutic effects of yoga. One comprehensive study by the International Journal of Yoga reinforces the indisputable connection…

“There exists an indisputable connection between a person’s overall physical and mental health and the inner peace and well-being yoga is designed to achieve.” 

-Woodyard C. | Exploring the therapeutic effects of yoga and its ability to increase quality of life. | Int J Yoga 2011; 4:49-54

Often times yoga teachers will also have specific themes or lessons that you may not have thought about or brought up on your own. Their guidance and personal experience can help you dive deeper into your own practice. Each of Inspire Yoga’s class styles can offer different benefits for yogis to “let go”.

Alignment help

I had to add this extra one in there because it is extremely important (especially for newer yogis)! A lot of times when we’re in a pose, even if it feels perfectly fine, something may not be in the correct alignment. Yoga instructors have gone through specific, intensive teacher training to be able to give you the proper alignment cues to keep you safe!

Inspire Your Beginning

All in all, any kind of yoga at home or yoga in studio is good yoga, even in your beginner yoga class in Highland Village, Colleyville, or Grapevine. Find the balance of spending time at home on your mat and getting into a studio to connect with other like-minded yogis.

The most important take away is just to take time for yourself to slow down and strengthen your practice. I hope this inspires your beginning to find your own balance! For class times check out Inspire’s website. Have a beautiful weekend, yogis!

Namasté, and share this article if you like, or drop us a comment below.


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