Strength + Balance + Play

posted by Rachael Colunga


Arm balance and inversion workshop series is right around the corner in March with three opportunities to practice, learn, and take flight. Concepts from each session will build on each other, however, there will be an individual focus per workshop.

Strength + Balance + Play is a three part workshop designed to give you the tools needed to find strength in alignment, balance in the pose, and confidence to play around with arm balancing and inverting. Most often in a traditional class, there is little time to dive into specific elements of asana. This workshop style will allow us to slow things down. We will take time to learn and understand anatomy/alignment, do drills to build required strength for supporting these strong shapes, and break each pose down krama by krama (stage by stage). Modifications and advancements will be provided for all levels. See you on your mats, yogis!

Learn these fun “tricks”….

March 3rd 
– chaturanga alignment review
– crow & side crow
– shoulder pressure pose
– running man
– 8 angle pose

March 17th
– forearm plank and side plank
– forearm stand
– supported headstand

March 24th
– down dog alignment review
– plank and side plank variations
– wild thing
– tolasana
– handstand

Rachael instantly fell in love with the yoga practice from the first time she unrolled her mat. Connecting the body’s movement with expansive breathing and beautiful poses had her hooked. Upon graduating from Texas A&M and moving back home to start her Masters program, her mom and sister introduced her to a new studio – Inspire Yoga. After about six months of consistent practice, Rachael’s daily outlook became more positive, her body became stronger, and her passion for the practice grew. Curiosity for learning more about yoga and the desire to share this passion with others led her to start the Inspire Yoga School training in the fall of 2013. She soon graduated with the confidence to start teaching immediately. The magic of this practice is in how uniquely different it is for everybody. Yoga gives us the opportunity to slow down, take a breath, and express gratitude.

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