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Yet another month in 2018 has come and gone. We are thankful for the sweet moments we get to spend with each of you in community. Let’s celebrate one of our own on this first day of March – Stephanie Calvert! Stephanie works in the health field as a Director of Nursing. She is a warm, kind and fun individual and we are truly inspired by her life and yoga practice. Read her story below and show her some love!

My Inspire Yoga journey began two years ago.  I was in a difficult time of my life.  A good friend of mine suggested yoga would help me navigate through these trying times.  I had always wanted to try yoga, but I was always reluctant to walk into a yoga studio.  The unknown of yoga was frightening.  I clearly remember driving to the parking lot and leaving without going into the studio.  I knew nothing of yoga.  How will I look?  I’m not flexible. I don’t know the poses. I don’t know Yoga language.  Typical fears.  Little did I know that NONE of that mattered in the slightest.

I remember the instructor telling the class that we had already done the hard part by showing up. She was speaking directly to me.  I thought, wow, how did she know? At the end of the class I was transformed.  I felt so good physically and emotionally, I had accomplished something that once intimidated me. From day one, I knew that Inspire Yoga was something I would incorporate into my life.

Even to this day, I look at every practice as adding more goodness to my layers.

During my Inspire journey I have taken advantage of the various workshop/programs to learn more about myself. This has enhanced my yoga practice.  I have come to realize that the asanas are a small branch of the yoga tree.  I have learned to slow my thoughts, calm myself, breathe and I can accomplish difficult poses and difficult life events.  My physical practice has improved over time, I couldn’t even think about touching my toes prior to my Inspire adventure, still can’t some days.  The physical progress is a bonus to what I get out of my practice. It has truly been life-changing as yoga is much more than the time I spend on my mat. The practice of yoga has become part of my life. The community at Inspire has such a positive vibe that is contagious! There is so much encouragement and motivation. Everyone has the commonality to be a good person and to live the life you are meant to live.

Yoga has become my guiding light and I am forever grateful to my friend for the push.


Life has not been the same since finding Inspire Yoga in 2012. After the loss of a close friend, I found my mat to be a soft place to land in a difficult season of life. After attending classes consistently, I pursued the Inspire Yoga 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings and now hold my IYS500 certification as well as E-RYT200 and RYT500 with Yoga Alliance. I love sharing yoga with people and getting to offer a space for them to be just as they are - whether broken, joyful, happy, uncertain ...there is a space for you here at Inspire Yoga. My blog posts are a reflection of my passion for yoga and how it has impacted my life in such a healing way. I am the studio director at Inspire Yoga Denton and love doing life with such an amazing community! Outside of yoga, I am wife to Colin and mama to our sweet dog Ama. My faith makes me who I am.

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