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Happy April, yogis! This month we are excited to feature yet another very inspiring yogi – Darin Castillo! Darin practices consistently at the Denton location where he enjoys all of the different class styles we offer at the studio. He almost always has a smile on his face and has such a positive and kind presence. Read his story below and give him some love in the comments!

Hello my yogi friends! My name is Darin Castillo and I’ve been practicing yoga for around 3 years. I work a night job, so the hardest part of yoga for me really is getting to my mat for the morning class.

Practicing at Inspire Yoga has really helped me cement my morning self-care ritual.

As many others have found, a huge benefit of yoga has been helping me cope with anxiety. Training and challenging myself to maintain a deep breathing pattern during the chaos that comes with class has helped me off my mat tremendously. Attending classes at Inspire has been a gratifying experience for me. Although we have students at varying levels, I have never felt judged or pressured. Encouragement is ever-present in the form of thoughtful and patient instruction from IY staff. The community surrounding the studio is also a major draw for me that keeps me attending. I am always grateful to enjoy a glass of wine after class or meet up for coffee with our yoga family.

I hope to one day soon conquer teacher training and give back what Inspire Yoga has given me: a sense of family, a gentle reminder to keep breathing both on and off the mat, and of course that wonderful feeling of relaxation and accomplishment that is well-earned at the end of each class.

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