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Inspiring Yogi | Tricia and Andrea

It’s May and we are loving on our moms and welcoming home students from schools both near and far.  We thought this would be the perfect time to highlight one of our fav mother/daughter duos at Inspire Yoga, Tricia and Andrea DeWitt. 

We love that they make time to not just get on their mat for themselves but for each other, too! Follow their inspiring story below.

Tricia and Andrea’s Story

When Andrea and I first tried Inspire Yoga starting back in January, we immediately knew this studio was a bit different than the ones we’ve tried before.

Both of us have done yoga off and on for the past several years but we’ve never found anything consistent. Or found something that worked for both of us and our individual goals.

Andrea is an athlete. She played soccer in college and is a current physical therapy student, while I’ve worked behind a desk for 30 years and have some previous knee injuries that cause me some issues.

Though our goals are entirely different, both of us continuously leave this studio confident that we each got what we were looking for.

As always, some days are good and some days are rough, but there is beauty in the body awareness that comes with learning when you need to challenge your body and when you need to give yourself a break.

This is what I love about yoga. This studio does an excellent job in opening the door to make each class your own, whether that’s through progressions for poses or modifications if they are needed too. Every class is different and both of us have thoroughly enjoyed joining this community of yogis that support and encourage each other to better ourselves every time we sit on our mat. 

With our busy schedules, our hour at INSPIRE is sometimes the only opportunity we get to see each other in the day. And it’s something that we get to share together.

It is our one hour to focus on ourselves and be fully present, away from the business of life.

Sometimes that is the bigger challenge but showing up is always the first step. It makes it a little easier when you have someone to go with.

INSPIRE has offered us both a chance to appreciate the mindfulness that yoga offers and bring those principles into other aspects of our life. My goal is to work on balance and flexibility, Andrea’s goal is to one day hold a handstand like Tara.

Each day we see improvement, and we are incredibly grateful for every teacher that has been a part of our journey.

We are so thankful for this studio and this community we have stepped into. We can’t wait to see where it takes us.

Feeling Inspired to Practice Together in May?

Be sure to check out the Inspire Yoga – Colleyville schedule and upcoming events to practice with Tricia, Andrea, and the rest of the Colleyville Crew at Inspire Yoga.

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  2. You two are the cutest! Thanks for sharing your story with us and we are excited to help you both reach your goals at Inspire!!

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