YIN YOGA for Anxiety

How Can Yin Yoga Help with Anxiety?

In an article a couple weeks ago, we discussed yoga for anxiety and here we hope to provide a yin yoga sequence focused on anxiety. Though it is not a cure, it can help provide comfort and calm when all else seems to be spiraling out of control. Follow along with the next few poses whenever you find yourself entering into an anxious state. And you can always find amazing Yin and Meditation sequences at Inspire Yoga Online. Search for “Anxiety” in the search dialogue to find classes for your needs.

Yin Yoga Sequence to Help with Anxiety

The below sequence is best experienced in a quiet setting with very gentle music (if any). If you would like to use my spotify playlist as you transition through these poses, please view & listen HERE

Each of these poses will be linked over to my friends at yinyoga.comyogajournal.com, and a couple others. If you are new to a pose or need a different variation than pictured, click on the name of the pose and you’ll be directed to more information.

New to Yin?

If you are new to yin yoga, or looking for yoga benefits for anxiety, welcome! Here are a few details regarding this specific style. And you can find more details of this, and Inspire Yoga’s other class styles at our main page.

  • This style of yoga is a deep stretching practice, intended to help you dig into the connective tissues that surround the joints and release tension.
  • It also helps to free up energy within the body. Specifically, this flow helps you free up emotional energy that may be causing your anxiety.
  • In order for this release to happen, each pose is held a little longer than you might be used to. Enjoy the gift of time that accompanies this practice! It is very counter-cultural to be allowed to “simply be”. So soak it up. The act of slowing down might be all you need to calm your fears and concerns. Do your best to breathe and to sink heavily into each asana.

Guided Yin Yoga Sequence

1. Reclined on bolster (optional: legs in bound angle) 5 minutes


2. Reclining Twist on bolster 4 minutes each side


3. Butterfly  5 minutes (optional: 3 minutes on bolster, 2 minutes without)


4. Reclined Pigeon at wall 4 minutes


5. Reclined pigeon twist 3 minutes

From your reclined pigeon at the wall, release your arms out to either side like cactus arms. Keeping your legs in position, begin to drop the crossed foot over to the opposite side until the foot is planted on the earth. To deepen into this pose, you can grab ahold of the ankle of the foot that is on the ground and gently draw the top knee towards the wall.

**repeat 4 & 5 on other side**

6. Sphinx with shins up wall 5 minutes

You can do this pose without the shins up the wall if that is too intense in your low back. There should be sensation in the lumbar spine, but never pain.

7. Childs pose 3 minutes


8. Hero/Saddle pose with wall at back 5 minutes

Instead of reclining in your pose, this time set yourself up at the wall so you can rest your spine into it. This provides a feeling of security and grounding. As you’re here, imagine you are breathing space in between every vertebrae on the inhales. On the exhales, release any tension or concern out.

Optional addition: Neck/Shoulder release (30 seconds each side)

Resting your right hand on your thigh, begin to reach your left hand for your low back (back of the palm resting there) or continue reaching until you can hold onto the right arm (pictured). Once you have the arms positioned, take an inhale and as you exhale drop one ear over to one shoulder, then to the other. Make sure to do both sides with the arms.

9. Seated forward fold/Caterpillar 5 minutes (optional: 3 minutes with bolster, 2 minutes without)


10. Legs up the wall/Savasana 10 minutes


Continuing Your Yoga Practice

I hope this sequence was beneficial for you. As you take time when finding yourself in an anxious state, this sequence is always available for your use, even if you have a few minutes. And Inspire Yoga has so many more options available for streaming at Inspire Yoga Online. We hope that all of these yin yoga classes for dealing with anxiety are of quiet peace and enjoyment.

In acceptance and stillness, there is peace. Namaste, friends.

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  2. Hi Nancy, I’ve just recently discovered your wonderful personal yoga blog, then, I followed a link and found myself here! I’m so grateful to have found you, so so helpful! Namaste, Heidi x

    1. Heidi! So glad you found me over here too! Thanks for your support. If you ever have questions or requests, don’t hesitate to send my way! -Nancy

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