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Private Yoga Classes – A Great Way to Start

Private yoga classes are an excellent way to see if yoga is right for you.

Most clients complement group yoga class membership with private yoga classes. However, private yoga classes are also the best ways to launch your very first yoga experience. 

Private yoga lessons through Inspire Yoga are simple and safe. 

Expect our certified yoga instructors to listen to you and provide the focus, attention, and pace that is best for you on any given day.  

5 Benefits of Private Yoga Classes

Group yoga classes at Inspire Yoga are the most energetic, uplifting, and transformative in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  It is a healing experience to flow with everyone’s positive energy! 

Yet, a private yoga session at our Dallas area studios in Highland Village, Denton, Grapevine, or Colleyville offer unique and important benefits too.  

Due to the specialized nature of private classes, Beginner yoga students have told us this was a very beneficial way to start! 

1. Gain Confidence

Many who are just beginning a yoga practice want a little experience before heading into a group class. Although good instructors will always assist beginners in a group setting, private lessons provide added comfort and familiarity right from the start.

In yoga, it is important to learn the basics correctly.  Inspire Yoga Instructors help to ensure proper alignment for your body.  Private yoga classes will help you become comfortable with how your body is meant to move.

Beginner yoga students can feel very comfortable in a group class after only a couple private yoga sessions.  Our instructors focus each private yoga class to your current level.  Achieve your next goal.  Confidently head into a group class of any style.

2. Personal Focus

Your private yoga instructor will discuss  your health goals and personal concerns before class.  Any mental or physical limitations can be noted and addressed. We all have different shapes, sizes, and ability.  But, we are all capable.  You are unique and this class will be unique to you.  

Good private yoga instructors understand that not every body moves the same. There is no “perfect” pose.   Correct alignment is based on individual body mechanics and a good instructor needs to observe exactly how your body moves.  Then we address a path toward improvement, mobility, stillness, or comfort as the case may be.  

Our instructors have decades of experience.  Even more important than that, they all have a caring heart.  That’s how they become Inspire Yoga Certified.  We love them and we know you will too.  As they chat with you before your first class, you will realize how glad you are to have taken this step.  

In addition to a genuine personal connection, Inspire Yoga Instructors offer focused recommendations specific to your body and your goals after only one class.  You have a trusted guide to help you get where you want to go.  You will feel safe, supported, and encouraged all along the way.  

3. Book Private Yoga Classes on Your Schedule

Everyone has a busy life.  Whether you’ve got to head to work, take the kids to school, attend extracurricular events, or just spend quality time with family, there is always a lot on your schedule. 

So, you tell us when you want to yoga. It’s that simple.

Our studios provide over 300 classes monthly. Yet, we still may not have the exact right fit for your needs. Purchase a private class package and tell us when you want to have class. 

4. Practice Anywhere

Private yoga classes build your basic yoga skills.  Take a few private yoga classes with great yoga instructors and then practice at home.

Balance work breaks or a travel schedule with an online library of yoga classes. Many private yoga students continue an at home practice with Inspire Yoga’s online tools.

Feeling Free Outdoors

Use private yoga classes to drive your practice, but supplement with group classes as you travel.  Confidently use online classes in your hotel room.  We will provide the encouragement needed to keep you going.  

5. Reduce Anxiety and Avoid Stress

Being still on your mat in savanna

Lots of people practice yoga and meditation in order to manage anxiety and stress. It works.  It is a proven tool to lower blood pressure and improve your immune system response.

For some, group classes may seem to add to perceived stress. The simple pressure of being around new people may induce anxiety.  This wanes as you become comfortable in group classes, but private yoga classes are a great work around to start.

Inspire Yoga knows that some people simply prefer private yoga classes to group classes in order to manage anxiety or to release stress. 

A private yoga session will provide a calming environment.  A caring instructor will acknowledge and address all your concerns. 

Types of Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga classes can be a private one on one yoga lesson, a couples yoga session, or a small group class.

One on One Private Yoga Lessons

The private yoga class we provide most often is a one on one class.  

Just you and a certified, caring instructor.

In our safe studio, you progress toward all the benefits of yoga at your pace.

We learn about your needs and align a certified yoga instructor that is a great fit for your personality and goals. Take this opportunity for individual attention.  Use private yoga classes to complement any other activities in your schedule.

Couples Yoga Classes

It may not be Valentines Day, but why wait to share quiet, special time with your someone?  Oh, and ‘couples’ can just be your  friend if you significant other is still not about it. 

Whether a best friend or partner, couples private yoga classes are a welcome night out!  Make space for healing, stress relief, and a fun shared experience.

Small Group Private Yoga Classes

How about this great idea for a unique event to share with friends!  

Private yoga classes can be catered to your special events.  Maybe its a girls night out!  Birthday’s, work team-building events, and celebrations are some of the reasons people book with us.

Custom small group classes can be heated or non-heated, music or no-music, and at a pace and style of your choosing for your group.  Any studio director will listen to your needs and point you toward the right class.

Small group yoga classes are easy for you to schedule.  Show up without any concerns and enjoy being on your mat with friends.

Make time in your life to laugh, relax, and share an invigorating, communal experience. You won’t regret it.  Feel free to enjoy the hundreds of reviews of our classes.  We hope your review will be the next! 

inspire instructor leading class seated position

Why Take Inspire Yoga's Private Yoga Classes?

You may have other options for private yoga classes near you but Inspire Yoga’s private lessons are the sure bet to meet all your personal needs. 

Dozens of Certified Instructors

Inspire Yoga is honored to be the place where teachers want to teach.

We have a depth of experienced instructors that is unparalleled. Inspire Yoga’s instructors have been certified through Inspire Yoga’s Teacher Training program as well as other nationally recognized programs. 

With over 30 instructors and decades of experience, Inspire Yoga will pair you with the right instructor who will understand your needs and get you to your goals. 

Eliminate The Guesswork

When you look for private yoga classes, you’ve no doubt come across sites such as Thumbtack that may provide some options. 

But how do you know what you need?  There may be some good instructors on these sites, but who is accountable to provide you with a great experience?

Inspire Yoga takes the guesswork out of the selection process.  No need to wonder if the random reviews online are representative of the experience you need.  If they teach at Inspire Yoga, your experience is guaranteed at your very first class.

Inspire Yoga has been awarded the best yoga studio every year for over a decade. This is because of the great instructor community that we cultivate.  Let us share this community with you in your first private yoga class.  

Safe Studios

Most private yoga instructors need your home or another shared space for private yoga classes. We can meet you out and about too.  However, Inspire Yoga offers our locations in DentonHighland Village/Flower MoundGrapevine, and Colleyville as a trusted space for your private lesson. 

These studios are equipped with all the essentials you’ll need.  Our environments can be adjusted to your desired practice. Want a heated class? No problem. Want a cool room? No problem. Don’t spend your own energy and time arranging your own house when we can do it all. 

Schedule Your Private Yoga Class Today

Your personal practice couldn’t be any easier.

Contact us to learn more, find affordable pricing, and schedule your private yoga classes today. 

2 thoughts on “Private Yoga Classes – A Great Way to Start”

  1. 1. How much are private lessons?

    2. Do instructors wear masks?

    3. If my instructor does not wear a mask, would they wear one if asked (in a private lesson)?

    Thank you

    1. Good morning, thank you for your questions. So that we can have the correct studio location respond about pricing and accommodating your requests, please click the “Schedule Today” button at the top of this page to submit a request. We will route to the appropriate studio director to contact you directly. Thank you.

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