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Yoga Workshops for Beginners

Yoga Workshops are a great way for yoga beginners to try something new.

It is the perfect place to learn the basic elements of yoga. Try your first yoga class experience as a way to add a little special something to your day. Find out just how easy it is to improve your mood, raise your energy levels, and boost the resilience of your immune system.

Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent.

-Wendy Flynn

Four Beginner Yoga Workshop Ideas

Here are four great yoga workshops ideas. All are available to brand new students. Register for the first three through the Inspire Yoga Workshop Schedule or inquire about Private Yoga Classes below.

  • Sound Bath Meditation
  • Yoga Basics
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Private Yoga Classes

First of all, none of these beginner yoga workshops are only for beginners. Regular members come back for these workshops over and over again for the calm, healing, and restorative benefits induced upon physical and mental health.

Second, as a beginner yoga student, you can’t go wrong with any of these options. So don’t let perfect get in the way of good enough. If you want to turn your health in the right direction, sign up for the next one of these options that you can.

Finally, here is a quick break down of all four yoga workshops for beginners. Sound Bath Mediation, Yoga Basics, Yoga Nidra, and Private Yoga Classes all provide very real healing benefits. Get back in charge of your health and wellness with these great relaxation tools.

Sound Bath Meditation

Put on your PJ’s and join us for a magical evening. Full Moon is the time of culmination, a time for celebration, and joy. You will journey through a Full Moon Meditation and a Full Moon Ritual, gently immersing into the beautiful sounds and vibrations of the Crystal Singing Bowls and Chao Gong.

Experience a profound sense of peace, tranquility, and deep relaxation. The sound waves put your body in harmony as they penetrate your cells and rebalance them through oscillation and resonance, influencing emotions and health, and leaving you feeling happy, energized and relaxed.

Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics is just what it sounds like.. a yoga class broken down into bite size building blocks. This is a perfect yoga workshop for any beginner as an introduction to group class. It is also the gold standard for previous students to refresh their practice.

This 4-part workshop series introduces you to the Basics of Flow Yoga. Each 90-minute workshop uncovers different aspects of the practice. When taken in its entirety, this series will instill a deeper understanding and appreciation for the practice as a whole. The four blocks are:

  • Yoga Basics 1 | styles of yoga, sun salutations, pranayama (breathing practices), and mindfulness
  • Yoga Basics 2 | Sanskrit, etiquette, poses and props, and safety
  • Yoga Basics 3 | benefits, poses and alignment, and healthy movement
  • Yoga Basics 4 | meditation, pose modifications, and connection

If you are looking for an online yoga workshop for beginning your practice, you can always access our online modules at Inspire Yoga Online.

Yoga Nidra

Make your intentions real in the space of here and now, rather than “someday”. Join us for this workshop focused on uncovering your heart’s desire, and the ancient yogic technique for manifesting it in the present moment.

Yoga Nidra is the practice of conscious yogic sleep, a meditative and restorative experience that allows you to transcend physical and mental barriers so that you may place intentions – or sankalpa – at the innermost level of your being.

Walk through interactive exercises to identify your sankalpa, as well as gentle movement and breathing exercises to prepare you for restorative refuge in the guided narrative of Nidra. The calm energy and clarity you find in this practice will stay with you long after you roll up your mat! Suitable and highly encouraged for all new and experienced yogis ages 16+.

Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Classes remove every excuse you ever thought you had about putting your health and wellness first.

We match your schedule, we match your pace, and we help you feel great. The name says it all. Private Yoga Class. The entire studio is just for you. Learn how to incorporate this healing modality into your body and your life.

Begin with a Yoga Workshop Today

None of the yoga workshops for beginners here will make you sweat. And, each of them will give you lots of exposure to the world of personal care and mindful attention.

Dive into a yoga workshop as your first experience. Enjoy the added level of charm and bliss that is sure to accompany your introduction to this healing modality. Make an Inspire Yoga Workshop your first yoga experience and we promise you will be back for more.

There are lots of great reasons to to do this for yourself.

Read more on our blog to learn about the great reasons you want to start your beginner yoga workshop experience today!

Jumpstart a new mental health routine. Focus on your personal wellness.

Dive into your yoga practice with a beginners yoga membership.

Talk to your employer about bringing some Inspire Yoga Workshops and Small Group Private Classes to your team members. Work is hard enough these days. Help your human resources team. Let them know you want some beginner yoga workshops as part of your corporate wellness program and contact us through the studio closest to you.

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  1. The workshops at inspire yoga have expanded my yoga practice physically and mentally. I attend a lot of the peak pose workshops which have helped me gain more knowledge and confidence about the correct way to enter, hold, and exit poses. I did my first sound bath at inspire and now I’m hooked. What an amazing way to calm the mind, body, and soul.

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