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Find a beginner yoga class description here. Some easy pose break downs to guide you into a yoga practice.

Celebrate with Inspire Yoga! (Three of Twelve)

posted by Adam Pilat

Tatiana Romero as Samantha Baker’s yoga instructor

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Yoga at Home vs. Yoga in a Studio

posted by Alana Speed

Are you looking for a beginner yoga class, but still unsure of whether to try online yoga at home or head into a studio? I had that question too and it was this question that eventually lead me to the front page of Inspire Yoga on more than one occasion!  Before I dive right into […]

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Laughter Allowed

posted by Leanne Schulz

There is nothing better than the feeling of a gut wrenching chuckle, an unexpected cackle or a surprise one syllable “HA”.  The power of laughter can decrease stress, change perspective, rid anger and has the ability to connect people. Supporting both your mental and physical health, laughing releases endorphins, strengthens blood vessels and is a […]

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