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How to Book a Yoga Class

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Let’s talk about how to book a yoga class at Inspire Yoga!

If you are a first time client at Inspire Yoga, you can select any class on our schedule and you will be prompted through the steps needed to create your account with us and book your first class directly from our website. We look forward to meeting you.

Returning clients are encouraged to pre-book your weekly reservations. Setting your wellness plan in place for the week will have profound effects on your success and your health. However, you are welcome to just show up prior to class if you forget to pre-book. Simply arrive a few minutes early so we don’t miss you before the doors close and we can easily get you booked with your existing membership or package.

In 2023, we switched to a new booking system – Walla – which has an extremely user-friendly booking app for you to enjoy. You can easily book classes, check your milestone numbers, purchase memberships and passes, and even book a friend to come to class with you.

Our website and NEW APP are both designed to help you stay connected to your home studio. You can find all the relevant information about your Om away from Home by visiting your studio’s location page here on our website or by downloading our booking app. From here, you can click the classes you want to improve your week with and the next steps will book you in those classes. So GET OUR APP or bookmark, star, or save your studio’s schedule page in your browser for easy access to book.

How to book a yoga class at Inspire Yoga:

From our website:

1) Go to our full schedule or any individual studio location page on our website:


2) Scroll to see the daily schedule.

3) Click “Sign Up” for the class you will attend. This will prompt you to login to your Inspire Yoga Walla account (or to create one if you are brand new).

Once logged into our new Walla booking system, you can also manage your account, wallet, schedule, and more right there.

That’s it! Easy as pie. Now you know how to book a yoga class from our website. 1. 2. 3…. GO!

An important aspect of improving mental health is creating a steady routine.

When you commit to your routine and book a yoga class in advance you get three positive boosts.

The first boost of positivity comes the moment you book your class. Yep. Try it now. It’s that feeling of knowing that something great lies ahead of you. It might be twenty minutes away or it might be three days away, but now you know a prize awaits. Something positive to look forward to can begin to relieve stresses you may feel.

The second boost of positivity comes from actually doing the yoga. Practicing together with others is a wonderful way to nurture your sense of belonging and optimism. It is the type of feeling that you wish you had acted on sooner once felt. You may not realize that you’ve been missing community and togetherness until it hugs you in the face. Explore the class style that is right for you. If you are not sure what you need, call or email the Inspire Yoga studio closest to you.

The third boost of positivity occurs when your class is complete. The final pose, the cold lavender towel, the “Did I doze off?” feeling right before the teacher calls everyone home – these all create a mental boost to keep our brains and bodies happy for longer. That filters into other aspects of your day and you have successfully then changed the world for the better. So no matter which yoga class you just completed, they all share one common thread…. You are happy as heck that you did it!

When you know what you need, the task is simple and inspired with LOVE. So book your next class now and experience how healthy feels!

We’ll see you on your mats, friends!

xo, Bethaney

7 thoughts on “How to Book a Yoga Class”

  1. Christina Nelson

    Very easy to book a class! Unfortunately, due to my work schedule, it is difficult to schedule classes ahead of time, so glad to have the option to be able to book last minute as well!

    1. No worries, Christina! We do appreciate pre-registration, but you are always welcome to roll in before class and check in at the front desk too. Your membership makes it easy to just show up and flow! We’re so glad you’re part of our yoga community! ~Bethaney

  2. I used to use the app all the time to book my classes but now I have the website open on my phone and my iPad, and it’s just as easy to book.
    I’m planning my classes out to make sure I get my bingo sheet filled out!

    1. What a great motivation to try something new, Pippa! BINGO! You’ve got that right – booking a yoga class right from our website is pretty simple and easy. I’m so glad you are part of our yoga community! And good luck with your Summer Bingo Challenge. ~ Bethaney

  3. Creating a routine is key for me! Mapping out monthly classes has helped me stay committed to my health and wellness. I love the ability to visit other Inspire studios as well. Thank you for creating such a wonderful community

    1. That’s right, Rachel. Good on you. Booking classes for the week or month ahead really helps you keep the commitment to yourself and to your health. Love it! We’re so happy that you are part of our yoga community! ~ Bethaney

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