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When you’ve got a good thing, you’ve got to share it. Share your favorite place to experience how healthy feels with everyone you love. Tell a friend or two today and we’ll launch them a $100 gift toward a full month of yoga classes.

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Don't keep it to yourself. Take your best people along with you into a healthy future together.

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Studies show that your success and results improve when surrounded by people you know and love.

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Time spent improving your health and fitness together provides dividends well into the future.

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The health of a community begins one person at a time. Let's unite as many healthy, happy people as we can.

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From hot to healing and sweaty to serene, Inspire Yoga has a variety of great yoga classes to suit the health and fitness needs of many. Bring your friends to your favorite class or escort them to one they will love even more. There’s so much to share. Get started today.

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Memberships, class packages, and more are deeply discounted. Only extremely limited quantities released Nov 24th-26th for first come first flow.

Sales vary by location.


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