Put on Your Wings | Easy Flying Lizard Tutorial

Who wouldn’t enjoy putting on wings and experiencing flight. Enjoy this 2021 update for an easy Flying Lizard Pose tutorial. Learn 3 reasons you should try this pose, step by step instructions of how to get into flying lizard pose, and counter poses.

And as an added bonus, check out a 30 minute slow flow sequence where can practice Flying Lizard pose during a Lizard Pose sequence on your journey to Frog Pose.

When I Started to Fly

As a kid, I had a recurring and very vivid dream that I could fly. Every morning after this dream, though I knew actual lift off was unlikely – I would catch myself constantly daydreaming about that sensation I felt so strongly in my dream. The release of gravity, the lightness, the freedom can all be felt in flying lizard pose!

Years later, when I found myself growing in my yoga practice, I began to love practicing arm balances. Though I don’t necessarily feel “light and free” all the time in these poses, the fact that I can learn to lift my feet off the earth is a pretty magical thing for my inner kiddo.

Today’s arm balance: flying lizard pose!

Benefits of Flying Lizard Pose…

Consider these 3 benefits of this pose for reasons you should try and learn to fly.

  1. Strengthens and tones the arms, legs and core.
  2. You’re only a few inches from the earth, making falling not so scary. This fact also makes flying lizard easy to come in and out of several times. If at first…or second…or third you don’t succeed… try, try again!
  3. It’s not the most common of arm balances so it’s a good one to get you thinking and aware of body mechanics including the importance of deep breaths. Practicing awareness like this is always a good idea!

Where to Start – Step by Step Tutorial! 

Learning to fly can be scary, but follow these steps below for a yoga sequence to get you safely in, out, and counter balanced after flight.

Step 1: Warm-up

Several rounds of Sun Salutations are recommended before hopping into a pose as deep as this. Move through some warrior 1 poses and add on a humble warrior to help release tension in the hips before trying out this pose.

Step 2: Move into Lizard Pose

Come to lizard pose with the right leg forward. Walk both hands to the inside of the foot and walk the foot over so you have plenty of space for your shoulders.

Begin to lower deeper as you breathe into this, maintaining a firm connection between the right shoulder and knee. Hold for 1 minute.

Step 3: Prep with a Bind

If you are able to go deeper, begin to tuck the right shoulder behind the right calf so that the shoulder blade sits under the hamstring. Swing your right hand around your leg and rest it on your back. Your left hand can stay as a support on the ground or begin to lean slightly to the right and find the full bind, interlacing the hands behind your back. Hold for 1 minute.

You can stay as you are and just work the prep for this pose today. If you are ready to try the arm balance…

Step 4: Take Flight

Hold onto the half bind over the right shoulder and place the hands down about shoulder width apart (as you would for plank pose). Begin to bend the elbows (like caturanga) and lift the right heel.

Start leaning forward until your chin is just above the ground and scoop your right heel in toward the right glute. The further you lean, the lighter your back leg will feel here. Finally, launch off of the back foot and squeeze the core in strongly as you breathe! Stay a few breaths.

Counter Poses to Flying Lizard

Counter poses for flying lizard are important to prevent injury and ensure happy flight. Transition through a vinyasa flow and then be sure to do the other side. After you have tried the pose on both right and left sides, take a few moments in a seated position with some neck stretches and perhaps take a reclined hero pose to release the hip flexors and stretch the core.

Neck Stretches
Neck Stretches
Reclined Hero Pose
Reclined Hero Pose

Need a Flying Lizard Pose Yoga Class?

Continue your practice and don’t be discouraged. Flying Lizard is challenging, but very attainable for beginner yogis. Try this 30 minute slow flow class incorporating Lizard pose. Take the time to pause the video in Lizard pose and practice flying!

And for more at-home practice, try other classes at Inspire Yoga Online.

We’ll see you on your mat. Namaste.

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