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Looking for Outdoor Yoga Classes Near Me?

Are you searching for outdoor yoga classes near me? You wouldn’t be the only one, especially as the weather changes in Texas. There are many benefits to outdoor yoga classes as a compliment to a safe in-studio practice.

And as the weather changes, outdoor classes may be more attainable near you than you think, with a variety of options in your area.

Why Outdoor Yoga Classes?

The Yoga Journal highlighted four ways the outdoors enhances your yoga practice which makes great points and you should definitely read. But we wanted to take a little step back to consider outdoor yoga classes from the perspective of our very nature, unleashing our inner animal (outdoors of course), and that element of control we all need to let go.

It’s In Our Nature…

Do you ever get interested in why you show up on the mat, day after day? And why do we show up whether life feels like smooth sailing or we’re stuck in the trenches?

The answer is simple: it is in our very nature to practice yoga. And it is in our human nature to yearn for something more. To look for that more all around us.

We want to feel more alive, happy, fulfilled, while still seeking connection to the people and world around us. If it’s in our innate nature to seek this practice, we also have to acknowledge our deep and integral relationship with the nature that exists around us. 

Feeling Free Outdoors
Feel Alive Practicing Yoga in Nature

During the past few unpredictable months, there has been a noticeable return back to nature. There are more long evening walks and runs, roller-skating, dog-walking, meditative strolls underneath the trees and in the mountains (if you can find them in Texas).

Strolling in the Skyline Can Be Rejuvinating, Even Moreso Now

Such outdoor activities are a healthy way of combating what has been widely researched and studied regarding the physical and mental impacts of isolation during pandemics and disasters.

There is truly no quicker way to come back to oneself than to return back to nature. To co-evolve and to co-exist with nature and the outside elements quickly grounds us firmly into the present moment. 

To combine the peaceful effects of nature with the grounding experience of yoga, we immediately put ourselves in a place of conscious presence. Move on your mat as you simply notice the Sun’s warmth on our skin, the cool morning breeze, the distant sounds of birds and the immediate sounds of our breath.

Studies show that regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory and thinking skills. Imagine this impact with the natural effects of an outdoor environment as well?

Studies aside, we’ve all experienced that feeling when we tune out the white noise that surrounds us moment to moment. That feeling of elation and calm as we come back to center soaking up this experience!

Go Outdoors to Find Your Inner Animal!

Ever notice how the majority of our poses are named after animals?

This is because ancient Indian practitioners observed the movements of animals. And they observed that the animals simply live in harmony with the nature that surrounded them.

Outdoor yoga classes are great opportunities practice those animal poses, and move in harmony with nature.

Just Let Go of Yourself in the Outdoors

Practicing outdoors increases our ability to let go of control. We have no control over how hot or cool it is. And we certainly can’t control the white noise of cars, singing birds, the sun, or the breeze.

Instead, we are able to strengthen our sense of allowance, of letting go. We are able to enjoy every aspect of the practice for what it is.

And once we let go of trying to control, our practice unfolds exactly in the manner that it should. Beginners, advanced yogis, any level can experience the feeling of letting go.

Many Outdoor Class Options with Inspire Yoga

Have we convinced you to find a yoga class outdoors?

Inspire Yoga will be offering a variety of outdoor classes and workshops! Our outdoor flows are the perfect way to continue working through our stuff while still feeling a sense of connection and community to others and also to all the outdoor elements.

When we get to experience how seamlessly our yoga practice can transition outdoors, it gives us the motivation to see where we can implement yoga into other aspects of our lives. 

With four DFW area studios, Inspire Yoga has many options to get you outdoors and connecting with our community. We partner with local parks, cities, and other neighboring businesses to offer options to our community. Notable outdoor yoga classes coming up include Community Classes at the Grapevine Plaza (Inspire Yoga – Grapevine) on Saturdays.

Outdoor Yoga Class in the Denton Square with Inspire Yoga

Don’t Let Bad Weather or Outdoor Class Schedule Keep You from Practicing Yoga

Look, the weather may not be great all the time in Texas. Yes, it rains sometimes and it can be blistering hot. When the weather doesn’t cooperate, or you miss an outdoor class, our Instructors are ready to Inspire in-studio and online.

Our in-studio classes at each location adhere to increased Health and Safety guidelines. And if you want to compliment your outdoor and in-studio practice, try Inspire Yoga Online.

Find Your Outdoor Yoga Zen

Your Inspire Yoga family hopes you’ll join us on the mat. Soak up the sun, soak up your sense of community, and connect to your practice and the greater world around you. We are a part of something so much bigger than us. But we just have to get still enough to notice.

See you outside on your mat!

Where would be good places for Inspire Yoga to hold outdoor community classes in the future?

4 thoughts on “Looking for Outdoor Yoga Classes Near Me?”

  1. We have the outdoor yoga classes active in Flower Mound, Denton, Grapevine, and Colleyville for at least the next month. Texas is great, the weather should be good through October!

  2. The outdoor classes at 8 AM at the Shops of Highland Village are great because it is still nice and cool at the time of the day!

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