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Our Colleyville Yoga Studio Is Now Open

Get ready for Inspire Yoga’s fourth location and newest studio with the hot yoga classes you love.

In Good Company

Satsang. A word meaning to associate with true people, or to be in the company of true and like-minded people. A word that April, the Inspire Yoga Grapevine studio owner focused on during the two year anniversary on August 23rd at Hop & Sting Brewery. We have found these true and like-minded people in the the staff we are humbled to serve, our community members who show up daily, and the businesses and organizations who make the small business community thrive.

April Announcing Location Number Four

Our ability to give back is at the core of Inspire Yoga. And giving back was the start of April’s announcements, presenting donations raised by recent Yoga Teacher Training graduates for a local organization serving the Grapevine community, GRACE. And then came the BIG news. 

Inspire Yoga has officially announced the opening of a FOURTH location in [insert drum roll here]… COLLEYVILLE! 

With the celebration of two years since the opening of Inspire Grapevine, almost ten years for the flagship studio in Highland Village, and the recent 5-year anniversary of the Denton location, the announcement of Inspire Yoga Colleyville comes with a great legacy of hard work, committed students and community, and amazing teachers who continue to refine their craft. This decade-long legacy was born from the passions and talents of Bethany and Adam Pilat.

Walking Forward in Hope

It is not lost on the family at Inspire Yoga how fortunate we are to be moving forward in this time. We have not only sustained our current yoga community, but are taking a big step forward in opening the new, best hot yoga studio in Colleyville! As many yoga studios have had to close their doors as a result of Covid-19, we feel blessed and privileged to not only continue to keep our doors open to students in this much needed time but to open another set of doors to a new community. 

Inspire Yoga Grapevine Members, Staff, and Teacher Training Graduates at our Socially Distanced Anniversary Event
Fearless Inspire Yoga Leaders Adam and Bethany Pilat
Inspire Yoga Grapevine and Denton Instructor Eileen and her family

Satsang, the idea of connecting to one another based on our innate trueness, the fact that we are all so intricately connected on a profound level, will be our driving force to make Colleyville feel like a true home. The students in it will know they are seen and heard and appreciated by our family at Inspire Yoga. This fourth location, while it will still carry on the unique legacy of Inspire Yoga, is also excited to create its own identity within Colleyville. 

Just like the other studios have been a haven of community and connectedness, friendship and family, this will also serve as our driving force in all we will create at Inspire Yoga Colleyville. And it is not lost on us, that our Founding Members at each location established, connected, and grew these studios as their own families. And Founding Members at Inspire Yoga Colleyville will be just as integral to the growth, identity, and community of this studio.

Community Abounds in Colleyville

Located off of Colleyville Boulevard and Glade Rd, the new space is just a stone’s throw away from businesses such as Whole Foods and just minutes away from CV Local Juicery, Nekter Juice Bar, and Sprouts Farmers Market

April and Josh Borge, the current owners of Inspire Yoga Grapevine will continue expanding their roles as leaders to the Colleyville studio. And Jennifer McElroy, a current yoga instructor at Inspire Yoga Grapevine will lead as Studio Director for Inspire Yoga Colleyville.

Speaking for the whole of Inspire, we cannot wait to highlight and showcase our dynamic group of yoga instructors. And we look forward to implementing new class formats along with our current ones of Inspire (heated vinyasa), Slow Flow, and Yin. Truly, there is something for all levels and all bodies here!

Weekly Blog Posts Will Highlight Upcoming Colleyville Instructors Like Tristen Keeker

Stay tuned by following Inspire Yoga Colleyville via Instagram @inspireyogacolleyville and Facebook (coming soon). Also check back frequently to our studio page to find grand opening dates, weekly instructor announcements, and the class schedule set to start in October 2020.

See you on your mat. Namaste.

21 thoughts on “Our Colleyville Yoga Studio Is Now Open”

  1. Yay!!! Inspire Yoga soon to take over the world!! I look forward to this exciting addition. Hooray for good news in 2020

  2. So excited to see the Inspire community continue to grow!! Such an incredible studio, amazing vibes, thrilled to see it in Colleyville!

    1. Ecstatic that you are joining us Melanie and willing to share your talents with a great community. Colleyville here we come.

    2. Thank you Melanie for your support of the Grapevine and Colleyville community. You are a wonderful teacher and we are grateful to have you on the team!

  3. So excited to be a part of this new community in Colleyville. Inspire Yoga’s dynamic hot yoga classes and focus on community are second to none.

    1. Jamie we are grateful to have you on the team. It was great chatting with you! The Colleyville Yoga Scene is lucky to have you!

    2. Jamie, we are so grateful you joined this team. Inspire is truly amazing and the community of teachers just keeps getting more amazing.

    1. Shannon, we are so glad your path brought you to Inspire. You have amazing talents and We can’t wait for your return.

    1. The Satsang of this place is off the charts right now! The people that continue to show up in every way possible are just so outstanding. It has been a great rebalancing to return to such a caring and engaging in-person yoga community again!!!

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