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Mark has been a part of the #IYtribe for a long time. His story is one of growth and of personal introspection. We are honored to have him at Inspire as we witness his story lived out on and off the mat.

My practice has really been most focused in the last couple of years, before that it was on and off primarily driven by running injuries.

What changed?

About two years ago I took a meditation challenge at Inspire and a transformation took place. I was no longer practicing to solely recover from a physical injury. I started to explore and experience the growth within my yoga practice. 

Why do I practice yoga?

My answer is simple; it’s fun! Yoga is my place where I go and release all of the burdens life lays down on me. I treat myself to 75 minutes and play. Yoga for me is a place where you learn new aspects about yourself; where you are encouraged to explore the edge of your abilities and when you “fall out” it’s okay. In fact, at Inspire, it’s something that’s even encouraged.

My wife Kimela, likes to remind me that it took her 10 years to get me to try yoga. I would say something like yoga is not a “real workout” – and I was completely wrong. The physical benefits of my yoga practice have me at 54 in the shape I was in in my twenties, but that is not the important benefit. Yoga has released that inner child who is excited to try new challenges even knowing that at first, I will fail. That child who is not worried about what happened yesterday or what will come, but is focused on the play at hand and enjoying every twist, every balance, and even every wobble and tumble. 

I feel so fortunate to have connected with this community at Inspire Yoga. A place where everyone is supportive and encouraging. It’s not uncommon to hear a kind word of encouragement from one yogi to another which just makes your day. Inspire is also a place where the instructors are there to do more than guide you though a flow. They also teach and adjust you to improve your practice, enabling you to realize more out of your experience on the mat.


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