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Our newest yoga studio is centered in Grapevine for easy access. We have selected the thriving cultural center of Grapevine as location number three. 

History Behind Inspire Yoga Grapevine!

Here is where the story begins.

After operating 8 years in Highland Village and 3 years in Denton, we are blessed with many amazing relationships in the Dallas-Fort Worth community.  We give thanks for the enduring support of long time members and we appreciate each new friendship.

Focusing on people is the first and most important work we do.  We believe in our instructors.  We mentor our trainees.  We honor our clients.  This is a culture that looks forward to making each new friend because we understand how this process brings value to our lives and the lives of others.

With this in mind, we are thrilled to also announce our 2017 Live Your Dream Community Leadership Award recipient is Inspire Yoga School Graduate April Borge!

Starting a New Hot Yoga Studio in Grapevine

April has shown great leadership skills throughout her teacher training and has been a part of the Inspire Yoga community as a practitioner since our first year in Highland Village. We have been so deeply inspired by her humble spirit, commitment to the practice of yoga, and dreams for sharing her love for yoga with her community.

April and her husband Josh will be the owners of Inspire Yoga Grapevine. We are excited to see them grow and establish Inspire Yoga studio in Grapevine and surrounding cities such as Southlake, Colleyville, Coppell, and Flower Mound, Texas. Inspire Yoga studio in Grapevine is attached to the beautiful AMLI Grapevine Apartments and adjacent to the new Hotel Vin with easy access to other Grapevine, TX, resorts, such as the Gaylord Texan Resort and Great Wolf Lodge. With amazing partnerships with Grapevine companies such as Umbra Winery and Hop and Sting Brewery, the community compliments the amazing hot yoga experience. Inspire Yoga has become a haven of friendship and growth through the years in Highland Village and Denton. We truly believe that the experience at our studios is refreshing and unique and we are confident the Grapevine location will be a second home to many!

Ready to Flow with Hot Yoga in Colleyville

While we look back at where we’ve come, Inspire Yoga is focused on the future. As Inspire Yoga Grapevine celebrated it’s two year anniversary with the community of Grapevine, the newest studio location was announced – Inspire Yoga Colleyville. Learn more about Inspire Yoga Colleyville and get ready to flow in October 2020. Head to the Inspire Yoga Colleyville studio page to learn about the instructor line-up and what this amazing location will offer. And check out Colleyville’s discounted Founding Member rates (limited quantity) or add on to your Grapevine Studio membership for UNLIMITED Dual Studio Access for only $20. 

We’ll see you on your mat. Namaste.

19 thoughts on “Newest Yoga Studio in Grapevine | Community Focused”

  1. Your two year anniversary is coming up. Any special sales for those of us looking for a hot yoga studio near Grapevine, Collevyille, Southlake, and Coppell?

    1. Hello Fatima – Right now is the best time to contact the Grapevine studio. Yesterday was the soft opening and all of the instructors are ready to meet new people. Just introduce yourself and they will walk you through everything you need. Try “Slow Flow”

    2. Hi Fatima,

      I would love to have you come to the studio and try a beginner friendly class. You can call me at 817-310-9860 or send me an email at and I can find out which class would best suit your needs. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    3. Hello Fatima, if you are still interested in trying a beginner class, please reach out to as our schedule is now in full swing. Also, we have a Yoga Basics workshop at the Inspire Yoga Grapevine location coming up in late October that would be a great intro if you are new to the practice. You can find the workshop schedule here or call or email us:
      We look forward to hearing from you.

    1. August is almost here Adam and Inspire Yoga Grapevine is still on track for an end of August opening. Construction continues to move along fast. We are so excited to soon officially open our doors for this newest Inspire Yoga community for Grapevine and neighboring cities.

  2. This is an exciting project! Opening a small business is a great way to get to know a new town. We are really looking forward to getting to know everyone in Grapevine!

  3. Melissa mcwilliams

    I have done yoga maybe 4 times in my life but am so excited you will be coming to my town of GrapeVine! I will come and join y’all whenmoyu open!!! Will there be a very beginner class??! I can’t wait!!! Thank you! Melissa McWilliams

    1. Hey Melissa! We are so excited to be expanding in your direction. It’s going to be magical! Yes, I would recommend our slow flow and yin classes if you are new. There’s more detailed instruction and a slower pace. You’ll love it! See you soon.

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