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Happy May, yogis! We cannot wait to get on the mat with you this month. When you come to class at Highland Village, be sure to say hello to our new Inspiring Yogi of the month – Tya Simmons! Tya has practiced at Inspire Yoga for 5 years and has inspired us with her kindness, sweet spirit and presence. Read her story below and then show her some love in the comments!

Hello fellow yogis. My name is Tya Simmons. I have always enjoyed being an active person, enjoying activities such as running and weight lifting. However, in the summer of 2013 I found myself dealing with severe chronic pain that slowed and then completely halted my ability to engage in these activities I loved so much. Since I previously relied heavily on my physical activity to keep me emotionally and physically well, I found myself feeling quite discouraged and low. Ultimately, I began praying for guidance, to find an interim solution to my predicament and was led to Inspire Yoga.

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I began my journey rather grudgingly. I was sad that I could no longer do the things I loved, not expecting to find the same fulfillment in yoga. However, the first time I attended a class I found myself openly weeping as the instructor led the class through setting an intention. I felt myself begin to let go of pent up heartache and the high expectations I was accustomed to placing on myself. I experienced the same emotions as I prepared for savasana that day, listening as the instructor encouraged us to show compassion toward ourselves and to love ourselves just as we were. In those moments I felt I had found a home of sorts, a place of healing. Not only for my body – but also for my soul.

Another time in those early weeks as a new yogi, another instructor offered a suggestion for a possible mantra to use as our inspiration for that class. The mantra was

“My heart is radiant. I am open and available for change.”

As I pondered these words and allowed my practice that day to be an expression of that truth, I felt a window of my heart open so that hope could enter in. For the first time in a very long time I was able to honestly acknowledge to myself that I was a good person of great worth and I discovered a way to apply the principles of grace and mercy, principles which are foundational to my core belief system, to my own self. This was such a freeing experience for me.

While my schedule and my body do not allow me to attend class as often as I would like, I really do feel that yoga has become a way of life for me. Yoga continues to teach me to breathe and embrace the challenges of life, both on and off the mat, without feeling that I have something to prove. It has taught me to stand in awe of what my body is capable of, celebrating every element of progress and healing and showing it compassion, rather than chastising it for its weaknesses. Yoga has taught me to love the good that is in me while rejoicing in the greatness of the people around me.

I wish to express a heartfelt thank you to each of you, my fellow yogis and the wonderful instructors at Inspire Yoga for inspiring me to find an even greater dedication and for the love and goodness I see in each of you. While I still hope to someday to be able to participate in the activities I once enjoyed, I have come to realize that yoga is not an interim engagement for me at all. It is something I will crave and enjoy for the rest of my life.

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