Wheel (or Bridge) Pose | Urdhva Dhanurasana

#IYPOW (Inspire Yoga Pose of the Week): Wheel/Bridge Pose (view video demonstration)

Heart openers can be a really beautiful thing. That nice release across the chest and front body is energizing, refreshing, and freeing. However, especially around this time of year – backbends can be intense. As the weather gets chilly, we cross our arms for warmth and inadvertently our shoulders find their way closer and closer toward our ears. With the double whammy of our car-driving, desk-sitting lifestyle, wheel pose can be a lot to ask. I would even argue that it goes beyond physical intensity though. The space that stretches across the chest represents where we hold our worries, our fears and our ability to love. Whether it’s a lingering anxiety or a broken heart – backbends can be scary. Backbends can also be very exhilarating. So my recommendation – take it one breath at a time. If it feels like just the right amount of openness in your bridge pose, stay there! If it feels good to move into your full urdhva dhanurasana (Wheel Pose – AKA Upward Bow Pose).

Here’s what Inspire Yoga Teacher, Jenny (pictured) has to say about it…

“I love wheel pose because it provides openness and expansion for all the muscles that are constantly contracted when sitting. I also love the surge of energy experienced when coming out of the pose.”

Bridge Pose
Bridge Pose
Wheel Pose
Wheel Pose








A new #IYPOW (Inspire Yoga Pose of the Week) is introduced on our Instagram every Sunday. You are then invited to join in with us by posting your own interpretation of the pose and a short thought or inspiration that you receive from the particular posture that week. Make sure to use hashtag #IYPOW so we can see your pictures! Each month, one person (who shared and hashtagged) will be chosen to win an exclusive Inspire Yoga merchandise prize!

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