Warrior II | Virabhadrasana II

#IYPOW (Inspire Yoga Pose of the Week): Warrior II (view video demonstration)

A very common pose in yoga, this strong standing posture will strengthen you body, mind and spirit. Here’s what Inspire Yoga teacher, Christian, had to say about it:

“One of my favorite poses, Warrior II. Whether in the middle of a sequence or as an anchor pose. I can always ground down, close my eyes and focus on my breath all while feeling the strength in my legs and the opening of my hips. I love to change up the arms to make this pose new and challenging, great for settling the breath or building heat.”

Warrior II
Warrior II

Every Sunday we will share the pose of the week via social media. You are then invited to join in with us by posting your own interpretation of the pose and a short thought or inspiration that you receive from this pose. Make sure to use hashtag #IYPOW so we can see your pictures. Each month, one person (who shared and hashtagged) will be chosen to win an exclusive IY tank or tee!

All you have to do is share your pose and personal inspiration!


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