Threaded Needle | Parsva Balasana

#IYPOW (Inspire Yoga Pose of the Week): Threaded Needle (view video demonstration)

This spinal rotation pose starts out very gentle, but each breath in the posture draws you in deeper and deeper into sensation and release. Once you have completed both sides, rest in child’s pose for a few moments to feel the full effect of this great balancing twist.

Here’s what Brent (pictured) had to say about it:

“Thread the Needle, or Parsva Balasana (revolved child’s pose) is an apt example of the dynamic interplay between effort and ease in asana practice. The pose stimulates and enlivens my body as I inhale and lengthen my spine. Then as I exhale and deepen the twist, my body begins to relax and I find a calm sense of grounding. The divine dance of Shakti (form) and Shiva (formlessness) playing out in each moment, with every breath”

Extend arm up, stacking the shoulders
Extend arm up, stacking the shoulders
Thread arm across and through
Thread arm across and through
Rest the corner of the head and shoulder, taking the top arm around the back or overhead
Rest the corner of the head and shoulder, taking the top arm around the back or overhead
















Every week we will share the pose of the week via social media (Sundays on Instagram). You are then invited to join in with us by posting your own interpretation of the pose and a short thought or inspiration that you receive from the pose. Make sure to use the hashtag #IYPOW so we can see your pictures! Each month, one person (who shared and hashtagged) will be chosen to win an exclusive IY tank or tee!


All you have to do is share your pose and personal inspiration!


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