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It’s Spring and we are excited to introduce the newest Inspiring Yogi. This month Inspire Yoga – Highland Village highlights Ling Cantley. We can’t wait to introduce you to her story.

Meet Ling Cantley

I’ve always considered myself a slow learner, so I’ve built up the habit of persistently focusing on whatever I decide to do. This mindset has led me to success in both my professional and personal life. After decades of working full time while raising three children, my daughter encouraged me to find a hobby that fulfilled my heart while they grow up now.

For the last four years, I’ve worked out and trained regularly. However, my muscles were constantly sore and exercising took more and more effort. I realized that I needed to balance my cardio workout with flexibility training as well. This is when I started to treat yoga seriously. After only a couple weeks of this practice, I feel like I can’t live without yoga. No matter how I feel when I wake up, an hour of yoga in the morning never fails to turn my day positive, happy, and full of energy. Whereas I normally felt sore and exhausted after my normal workouts, yoga leaves me feeling totally relaxed afterwards. 

Soon to Be Inspire Yoga Graduate Ling Cantley

After I committed to yoga, I went to practice 5 days a week and even began the Inspire Yoga Teacher Training program on the weekends. I am so grateful that I made the decision to join the yoga teacher training program, despite my initial nervousness.

Since I had started my yoga practice teacher training only a month ago, and English being my second language, completing the program seemed impossible. But I quickly found out that my nervousness was unfounded.

Inspire Yoga’s Teacher Training Program is designed to help people win, not fail.

The instructor is always ready to help with anything we need, and is incredibly patient and kind. I learned about human anatomy, and how yoga benefits every muscle and bone in our body. What excites me the most about the teacher training program is that by knowing about and controlling the connections in our body, mind, and soul, we can control the outside environment through our yoga practice.

Want to Join the Best Teacher Training Program in Dallas/Fort Worth?

Registration is open for late 2021 Teacher Training Programs hosted at Inspire Yoga Denton. Or visit any one of Inspire Yoga’s locations in Highland Village/Flower Mound with Ling, Grapevine, Denton, or Colleyville for exceptional classes led by Inspire Yoga graduates. Who knows, after only a couple of weeks of yoga, you just might feel like Ling in that you can’t live without it. We’ll see you on your mat.

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