How to Invest in your Health

Bethaney and Adam Pilat founded Inspire Yoga over a decade ago to help you invest in your health and experience how healthy feels. We grew organically through the relationships we built and the consistent service we provided to our community. Today, we have a solid foundation from which to expand our reach and launch a yoga franchise operation. Today we invite you, our community, to grow with us.

In 2021, we created Inspire Yoga Franchisor and engaged some top notch professionals to explore creative ways to bring healthy to more people.

The open Inspire Yoga Investment closes on September 20th, 2022.

This business is a very social and community-driven one. It feels like the right way to reinforce strong and healthy bonds is through involvement from others. A big part of how to invest in your health is choosing the right people and groups to spend time with. We found you. Then we created an invitation to a new project that we can grow together.

There are four simple steps that need to happen next for you to invest in your health and the future yoga franchise project at Inspire.

  1. First, Review the Inspire Yoga Investment materials available in the portal.
  2. Second, Complete your investment through the portal before September 20th 2022. (Note: It can take up to seven days to complete the FUNDING and SUBSCRIPTION details within the portal).
  3. Third, If $200,000 is not SUBSCRIBED through the portal by September 20th 2022, then 100% of all funds invested will immediately be returned.
  4. Finally, Share this post and tell all your friends that you invested.

We are grateful for all of the positive support we have received so far. It has been great to share the excitement with our biggest fans.

This is the last communication that we have to offer before funding closes, but here are some links to previous communications in case you would like to research more.

No matter what happens from here (crowd fund, or not) – Bethaney and Adam expect to move forward with the yoga franchise project. We would like it to be with the crowd, but now that is in your hands.

If you are interested in the open Inspire Yoga Investment, then follow the four steps above.

Anyone who is simply interested in a future yoga franchise territory can email to stay on our communications list. We anticipate a territory launch mid 2023.

Together, let’s experience how healthy feels. Stay involved with our healthy services today through these helpful links.

A final and vitally important thank you is due to many people.

To the earliest of early adopters who made commitments based on knowledge of our services: Lisa Colton, Rachel Spire, Peter Dignam, Kalon Parman, Matt Bluhm, Marina Morales, Matthew and Shelly Eshbaugh-Soha, Bill and Caren Wheaton, and many others. Thank You! Thank you! You are our tribe. You are the reason we try to do any of this stuff in the first place.

To the smartest guys and gals in the room whom introduced Inspire Yoga to crowd funding, coached us along the way, and provided much needed mental health support during a most difficult time in history : David Duccini, Cedric Long, Allison Miettunen, Jade Barker, Lee Prinkkila, and Jason Crystal. Thank You! I am forever grateful we met. I can’t wait to see how y’all change the world.

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