Meet the Instructors of Inspire Yoga Grapevine

The Inspire Yoga Grapevine Team has been assembled and we can’t wait for you to meet them!  In this weekly blog series, you’ll meet the instructors who will be Inspire-ing Grapevine to get on their mats.  We are kicking it off with some new faces to Inspire Yoga.  Meet Jennifer McElroy and Philip “Bo” Bossant!

Jennifer joins us from Denton, TX though she has called much of the world her home.  Hear her story in her own words and what you can expect from her Monday night Inspire class.

“Being born into a military family, I was used to moving from school to school, state to state, house to house. Because of this, I always had this feeling of being uprooted in life. After graduating college, I decided to accept an offer to teach at a school in Thailand. With these familiar feelings of being uprooted all over again, I decided to start my own yoga journey as a way to feel, well, rooted for once. What started off as watching yoga YouTube tutorials in my tiny apartment to completing my 200 and 300 hour YTTs in Saudi Arabia and Nicaragua, I fell in love with the deep intricacies of the practice. 

I love to teach a heavily vinyasa-based flow that relies on breath to breath movement to calm the mind and the body through areas of restlessness or discomfort. It is so important to delve into the sensations of the body and then flow and move and wiggle around according to what your body is calling for. My mantra is that yoga is for ALL bodies and ALL levels! Coming to one of my classes, you can expect lots of laughter, lots of sweat, lots of awesome music and leaving the class feeling a deeper relationship between your mental and physical body.”

I had a chance to sit down with Jennifer and ask some questions on our readers behalf. Here is what I learned:
Jennifer, what made you want to become a yoga instructor?
“When I first started practicing yoga, I had no intention of teaching. But upon completion of my 200 hour YTT in Saudi Arabia, I took it upon myself as a personal challenge to introduce this somewhat taboo practice to a group of people who had never once experienced it. I wanted to show and prove in my own way that yoga is a universal practice that can benefit anyone at any point in their life, no matter what culture they’re from or what religion they believe. Even after teaching my very first class, the yoga bug bit and I haven’t stopped teaching since!”
In your opinion, what do you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?
“Pack up a backpack or a suitcase, pick a place on the map or a place you’ve always wanted to visit but always made excuses for. GO GO GO. Do that one thing that scares you the most. My most life-changing moment was when I left everything I knew behind and embarked on a solo journey to Thailand at the not so ripe age of 22. I think everyone at one point in their lives needs to uproot themselves, totally and utterly alone. Eat foreign food, get unnerved by a foreign language, meet people you never thought you’d meet and you will find yourself changed in the best of ways.”
Bo has been a friendly presence at the Inspire Yoga studios, but now he’s stepping in front of the class to teach Yin at the Grapevine studio on Mondays.  Bo is from the SF Bay Area where he became totally fascinated with yoga and sought his instructor certification. He is very interested with cross disciplined practice and how yoga can enhance and enrich wellness by unlocking a person’s potential.
“Yoga is in my heart, and spirit. I have immersed myself in it ever since being hooked by my very first experience. It’s a magnificent practice with its mental, and physically liberating aspects, to its spirit of joy. I enjoy flow and have a deep passion for Yin practice in particular. It offers a powerful balance and enhancement to Yang Yoga, and other activities. Whatever your level or need there is something for you here. I welcome the opportunity to share an environment for you to practice, heal, or explore your own needs.”
Bo, what keeps you busy when you aren’t practicing yoga?
“I am a total foodie, inspired by my father who is a French chef. I now love creating healthy vibrant meals at home and exploring great local food and drink options around Denton! I was an enthusiastic Obstacle Course Racer on the West Coast but have more recently been focused on outdoor rock climbing.”
Who INSPIRES you to be better?
“I feel incredibly fortunate in this time and place, to be surrounded by a wealth of extraordinary hearts and talented minds. I find myself inspired all the time by the many gifts that others have to offer and I am humbled daily.”
Catch both these amazing instructors at Inspire Yoga Grapevine for both indoor and outdoor classes on the schedule.  We’ll see you on the mat!

5 thoughts on “Meet the Instructors of Inspire Yoga Grapevine”

  1. Sooo happy to have Jennifer and Bo join the Inspire Yoga teacher tribe! Ya’ll will bring the Grapevine, Texas yoga scene to a whole new level!

    1. The Grapevine Craft Brewery classes have been a huge success! I am sure Jennifer and Bo will bring fantastic classes to the regular schedule at Inspire Yoga Grapevine from day one! August 4th will be a great kick off! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

  2. Jennifer and Bo, we are so excited for your journey with us. Thank you for committing your experience and passion to the newest Inspire Yoga community.

  3. Jennifer and Bo are welcome additions to the team! We look forward to seeing you both at the new Grapevine Studio! Thank you for your involvement!

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