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As the summer comes to a close, we hope that you’ve had some fun in the sun (and out of it, too) in these warm months. No better way to cap off the summer than with an inspiring story from our August Inspiring Yogi, Christina Chankaya! Christina (who many of us affectionately know as “Cha-cha”) has been practicing at the Denton studio several days a week since November of 2017. We’ve gotten to know her in-studio, but also at many of our social outings around Denton and Grapevine. Her presence at the studio is felt and her sweet nature is so wonderful to be around. Give her some love when you see her around this month!

About a year ago I joined Inspire Yoga and that was the greatest decision I have made for myself.

I started yoga as a way to be more physically active, but practicing has done so much more than just helped me get in shape. Simply showing up and engaging in my practice has shown me that I can stick to anything I set my mind to. Practicing with like-minded yogis encourages me to stick with it!


I’ve always struggled with self-image issues. I felt uncomfortable in my body, and that feeling seemed to creep out into every other area of my life. Practicing yoga became a way for me to not just break a sweat, but to connect with my body in ways I’d never experienced. I’ve come to really appreciate all that my body is capable of. I have a deeper sense of self-confidence with every practice and feel a general sense of happiness with myself as I am right now — not how I hope I will be sometime in the future. That’s huge for me.

Practicing yoga has helped me to improve my posture, giving me more flexibility and strength in my stiff back and shoulders. I feel stronger, more capable, and more confident in myself. Practicing over the last year has taught me the value of patience and taking on new challenges and stresses one breath at a time.

Since beginning my practice, Inspire Yoga has become my happy place. From the moment I walk into the studio, every negative thought fades away. I feel very blessed to have found the IY community, it has truly changed my life!

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