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School is now back in session, air is slowly dropping in temperature and pumpkin flavored things are starting to hit the shelves. Ready or not, here comes fall (officially on 9/22)! We’re looking forward to ushering in this new month with each of you and we are excited to introduce you to our September Inspiring Yogi of the Month – Samantha Rex! Sam works as a part of our awesome front desk team at the Highland Village location and loves to attend Slow Flow and Inspire Vinyasa classes. Read her story below and give her a little love in the comments!

I have been in love with yoga since the age of 16. It calmed me in my teenage years and really kept me grounded. Over the years life got busy and I lost touch with it.

Many years have passed and I have since gotten married and had a child. Part of my journey back to yoga was when I left the sunny shores of South Africa to receive medical treatment for my now five year old daughter. I remember walking in to Inspire Yoga around 2015 to enquire about classes. Already back then I knew that my heart was still drawn to the practice of yoga and the peace it brought me. However, I didn’t join the Inspire Yoga studio and front desk team until this year. Looking for a way to destress, get back into self-awareness and basically get in touch with my body again.  I came to Inspire at a time in my life where I was suffering from high anxiety and needed stability.

This community has given me a way to release that anxiety that comes with the lifestyle I live and the hardships of living in a new country with a medically fragile child. I very much enjoy the friendships that are being formed and the community that is so friendly and supportive. I am forever grateful that my heart led me back to yoga and particularly to the Inspire Yoga Studio.

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  1. Hi Sam! It was great to see you at the front desk this week. I am glad the Inspire Yoga community can be a part of your life and make it even just a tiny bit easier to face each new challenge. Thank you for sharing your heart, time, and smile!

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