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Good afternoon, yogis! We hope you had a wonderful holiday this week! As we step into a new month, we’re excited to share another very inspiring yogi’s story. This month, Erin Key shares about her experience and growth from practicing yoga consistently. She is a member at our Highland Village location, where you can find her most mornings! Give her some love in the comments ♥️

I am so blessed by Inspire Yoga. It has truly transformed me in so many ways.

I have been practicing yoga off and on since my early 20’s – more off than on, really. I have now been practicing consistently since November 2017, thanks to Inspire Yoga. Currently, the most rewarding aspect of practicing yoga is doing something just for me. I am a mom of three and very busy with my business. It is incredible to let go of everything and just be in the moment with my practice. I have released so much negativity and focused on my true intentions. Those are strength, balance and patience. My physical strength has grown so much. I now have upper body strength that I didn’t know was possible and my core has improved greatly. I am starting to see abs for the first time in…well, forever! Every single instructor comes to the class with such positivity and love. They gently push you further than you knew you could go. They help you open your mind and release the tension that is outside of the yoga space. I am so proud of how far I have come since starting regular classes in November of last year!


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