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Breathe, burn, and get buff

Are you looking for a new way to spice up your yoga practice and add a little oomph to your om? Yoga with weights might be just the thing you want! The new Inspire Sculpt class combines our signature yoga flow with weights added to create a full-body workout that provides both physical and mental benefits. The non-heated environment keeps the focus on your flow and your flex!

Why should I practice yoga with weights?

Here are five reasons to incorporate our yoga with weights class into your weekly routine.

  1. Increased Strength. By incorporating light hand weights, you’ll add resistance to your yoga practice and engage your muscles in a new way. This will help you build strength and tone your body more quickly than with traditional yoga alone. This is a great option for beginners who may be looking for a gentle way to integrate strength training into their fitness routine.
  2. Improved Balance. Adding weights to your yoga practice can also improve your balance and stability. As you work to hold poses while gripping the weights, you’ll challenge yourself to stay steady and centered. This can translate to increased balance and control in your everyday life.
  3. Better Posture. Yoga with weights emphasizes proper alignment and posture. As you move through the poses with weights in hand, you’ll be more aware of your body and focus on maintaining good form. This attention to proper alignment will translate to better posture outside of the yoga studio too.
  4. Increased Mind-Body Connection. Combining weights with yoga requires additional focus and concentration. As you move through the poses while holding light weights, you’ll be fully engaged in the present moment and the sensations in your body. This mindfulness helps to deepen your mind-body connection and can lead to increased self-awareness and inner peace.
  5. Stress Relief. Yoga with weights provides all the stress-relieving benefits of traditional yoga, with the added bonus of a strength-training workout. The combination of physical exertion, deep breathing, and mindfulness can help you release tension and feel more relaxed once you’ve pumped that final rep, stretched it all out, and rested in final savasana.

What should I bring to an Inspire Sculpt class?

All students should bring their typical yoga mat, sweat towel, and water to stay hydrated. We provide a variety of light to medium hand weights in studio and looped resistance bands. If you would like to bring your own hand weights, additional ankle weights, or other small tools for your practice for any reason, you are welcome to do so.

When can I take an Inspire Sculpt class?

The Inspire Sculpt, yoga with weights classes will begin at select Inspire Yoga studio locations in the summer of 2023. Check your favorite studio’s regular class schedule for exact times and teachers. Get singed up today for a recurring date of heart-pumping fun on your mat.

Are you up for the challenge?

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, yoga with weights is a great way to invigorate your yoga practice and challenge yourself in new ways. By incorporating this 45-minute fusion class into your weekly routine, you’ll build strength, improve balance and posture, increase your mind-body connection, and relieve stress. So give it a try! Your body and mind will thank you!

20 thoughts on “Yoga with Weights”

  1. Sounds like a great class! Hoping there will be more class times added in evening and weekends. Looking forward to trying yoga with weights.

  2. Hi Pippa! We couldn’t agree more! Adding weights to your workouts is so important especially as we age. Thanks so much for the feedback and trusting us! We love having you in classes.

  3. I feel like the sculpt classes are a 2 for 1 – combining traditional yoga with the benefits of strength training. Love it!

  4. The new sculpt class is absolutely fantastic. Abby is knowledgeable and motivating. The classes I have taken have been a challenging yet accessible. The incorporation of mindfulness and breathwork adds an extra dimension to the workout, helping me stay present and connected to my body. I highly recommend this sculpt class for anyone looking for a well-rounded and effective workout that also promotes mindfulness and community.

    1. Thanks, Rachel! We love having this class on the schedule. And Abby always brings the heat and fun in classes.

  5. I am a member of the Grapevine location. I had heard about this class and tried recently tried it. I loved it! Thank you Abby. Right now it looks like it is only offered once a week in Grapevine and twice a week in Colleyville. I am a teacher so when I go back to work in August, I would like to try using the Colleyville location to add this class and the benefits it can provide to my practice.

  6. Brittany Razor

    I really enjoyed the Inspire Sculpt class with Abby! Abby was super helpful with incorporating modifications and challenges within the flow. It was just the right amount of edge and even with it only being 45 minutes I left class feeling accomplished both mentally and physically. I’ll definitely be adding this class to my yoga practice whenever I get the chance. It’s a keeper! 😊

    1. It’s a burner for sure! Thanks for sharing how much you are enjoying the class! We can’t wait to add a few more times to the schedule.

  7. I finally got to take a Yoga Sculpt class and it was great. (Thanks Abby!) I love practicing yoga but don’t love going to the gym to lift weights. Yoga with weights is WAY more fun! It’s challenging but the class lasts only 45 minutes so it goes by fast.

    1. Thanks for letting us know how much you are enjoying the classes! We think the strength you build in the Inspire Sculpt class will be noticeable when you take a yoga flow class, too.

  8. Renee Leachman

    The variety this class lends to the yoga experience is just perfect! strength as well as the flexibility is so important to increase resistance to injury. Muscle toning helps in profound ways. A bit of sore is definitely a good thing and I’m starting to see and feel the changes.

    1. Thanks for that great feedback, Renee! We think Inspire Sculpt is a great way to continue to bring health and wellness to our students. And a little sore is always a good 😉

  9. The sculpt class is a nice addition to the studios schedule. Great way to add a little more into your daily practice, while building additional muscle! You’ll be surprised at the challenge that even low weights can have while holding and moving through poses.

    1. Hi Erin! It’s so true! Even the light weights are really challenging while in the balance postures. We’re so glad you are enjoying the new class style.

  10. Hi! I’m very interested in taking this class at Insoire in Grapevine. I’ve never done it before, and I too know how important weight trading is and would like to add it to my practice. I noticed we have one class scheduled right now for Grapevine on Tuesdays from 9-945am. Will anymore classes be available during the week at a time other than during business hours, 8-5pm? Hope so!

    1. Hi Teresita! Great question. We can’t wait to add more class times to the schedule. We are looking at some evening and weekend times and will let you know as soon as make it official.

  11. I tried the new Yoga Sculpt class at the Colleyville studio and loved it. Definitely challenging and I was sore the next 2 days so definitely working my body in a new way! I know it’s important to do weight training to keep my bones healthy as I age and I’m so grateful that the teachers I know and trust at Inspire are offering this class.
    Thanks for this new class.

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