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We’ve come a long way, huh? We’ve dissected what it truly means to make space in your life, how uncomfortable the change can be at first, and yet, how wonderful it can be to embrace learning something new that brings a fire and passion back into your heart. Before you move along, make sure to check the previous blogs to dive deeper into what’s next; where your journey, your puzzle piece, fits perfectly into a community.

Our Declaration of Independence represents the greatest mutual pledge ever made between humans.  The parents of this country birthed lasting aspiration for generations to come by teaching us to bond ‘our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor’ with one another.  While that mutual pledge was the price of securing liberty and the pursuit of happiness for an entire nation at the time, today it remains the most important and successful example of commitment to one another.  Our word is our bond. Life is simple and we are in this together. 

Bethaney & Adam Pilat, owners of Inspire Yoga, at the Highland Village location.

That mutual pledge formed the basis of a community.  The founding of this nation marked the creation of our largest community, but we’re all members of other, smaller communities, too: our state, our town, our church, our family.  These communities require effort, time, and attention to properly cultivate but we receive tremendous benefits in return. These smaller communities connect us deeper, provide identity, and create value.

When Bethaney and I opened the first Inspire Yoga studio location, we needed to make some important decisions about the actions and structure of our community.  First and foremost we made an irreversible commitment to the individuals that came through the front door. Service to members and clients is EVERYTHING in the beginning, middle, and life of a small business.   

We also recognized an opportunity to shape things the way we think they work best: small, local, and member-run.  We prefer decentralization to dictation whenever possible. Independence combined with sharing breeds better decisions than a drill sergeant style class environment or a dictatorship.  Yoga studios aren’t sandwich chains: you can’t copy/paste and expect to add something valuable to the community. Well, a couple of the larger brands now run by MBAs might as well serve sandwiches at this point… but here’s to hoping the enlightened clients of today will soon bring that trend to an end.

The root word of yoga (yuj) means to join or attach—it also means union or communion.  At Inspire Yoga, our instructors accept the responsibility of helping the community thrive and grow.  By nurturing our members’ connections with themselves and others, Inspire Yoga instructors are the key to cultivating and growing the community.

Interested in becoming a yoga instructor? Visit inspireyoga.com/yoga-teacher-training to apply for our upcoming 200 or 300 hr programs.

At the Inspire Yoga “Corporate HOMEquarters” we exist to provide support—not to prescribe the one only right way to do everything. People vary, flows vary, the pursuit of happiness—they all vary.  So we believe in engaging others to recognize what’s best for themselves and their community.

Growing a community in this natural, healthy way—with an organic script—has produced years of positivity, near zero turnover, and one powerfully positive culture.  Our instructors are connected and committed to sharing their time, heart, honor, and passion.

Are you ready to pursue your happiness in this environment? 

Next week, we’ll share resources.  Until then, the light and truth in me is honored and inspired by the light and truth in each of you.  It is an honor to be your guide.

Namaste. ????

Adam Pilat
New Studio Development

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