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Why Inspire Yoga: Share Resources (6 of 8)

It’s amazing how far we’ve come in such a short time.  That’s a true statement whether you’re discussing the Inspire Yoga community, the digital age, or the industrial revolution.  And I agree with a theory you may have been exposed to recently:

it’s because of sharing. 

Sharing is explicitly different than giving and receiving or buying and selling.  Sharing is its own unique thing. It is a bond. Energy flows in all directions and the things sharing can build on one another—they can grow into something more… effortlessly and efficiently becoming greater than individual components.  

Consider the covalent bond structure in a water molecule and the electron sharing that occurs constantly, effortlessly, and magically in nature between the one oxygen molecule and the two hydrogen molecules.  No, wait…scratch that analogy. I don’t want to put you to sleep. You are seeking entrepreneurship enlightenment, not chemistry… so:

Consider a patent: you’ve got some hot new idea and in order to patent it, you need to share the details.  You could keep your information secret, but everybody benefits when a patent is made available to all to review, consider, use, and build on to spark someone else’s great idea.  Sharing is how we went from tungsten light bulbs to rare earth element cell phones in “only” 100 years. That’s pretty dang fast if you consider that it took us 2000 years to go from leather sandals to rubber sneakers.  I think the latter took so long because no one wants to share your shoes…!

Find your voice and share your passion with the help of our 200 & 300 hour teacher training programs available year round.

We embrace sharing in many different ways, but there’s one that’s especially important to Inspire Yoga studio owners: the Data Share Portal.

It sounds like a secret inter-dimensional fountain of knowledge, but sadly it’s not.  Well, wait a minute, maybe that is exactly what it is. However described, it’s valuable nonetheless: the Data Share Portal is a collection of uncommon knowledge and resources privately shared by members and teacher training graduates who open Inspire Yoga locations.

The details range from access to historical class attendance numbers from every class time ever held—by every instructor, at every location—to help you build out your unique schedule, to the routine details of previously-used sign manufactures, designs, and costs.

Imagine you’ve been lucky enough to live a life that included access to and graduation from Inspire Yoga Teacher Training!  Now imagine you are additionally fortunate to have been granted a license to the Inspire Yoga trademarks to open your own yoga studio within a selected area.  There will come a point (around month four) when it’s time to order that awesome signage for your specific building location… It’s one of the most exciting parts for new owners—seeing the sign light up for the first time says, “This. Is. Happening.” in a whole new way.

That sign began its life as a file on the Data Share Portal. It could have been adapted from a pool of fonts and logos for everyone to use, or it could be the exact same sign as an existing location, complete with vendor contact info and a receipt from the most recent purchase.

And photos.  Don’t forget photos.  Geez, do yogis love photos.  The Highland Village location might as well be a photography studio every day from 2PM to 4PM with an entire south facing wall of natural light supporting glowing images of beautiful space, beautiful energy, and beautiful hearts.  You will have plenty of completed and pre-approved materials to kick-start local marketing efforts. We manage these photos shoots like clockwork now and the results just keep getting better and better while still retaining the “it’s really us” feeling.  I wish I had this database when we started on day one!

Learn more at about how April, Inspire Yoga Grapevine owner and teacher training graduate, took the leap of faith to open her very own studio.

The Data Share Portal is made up of the knowledge gained by the entire Inspire Yoga owner community.  This means that each week, each month, each year, it becomes incrementally more useful to the next user.  That’s how sharing works. That’s how sharing creates.

Now imagine that you choose to travel through life and share your experiences?!  How do you think that will affect you? Choose the wrong group of friends and it could be damaging.  Sometimes you need to let go of the past to move forward. I’m not talking about ghosting your last boyfriend, but I am talking about making a conscious decision about with whom you spend your time and to become aware of how those interactions and choices affect you.  Choose to share your talents, yourself, and your dreams with the right community and it could impact your life in meaningful ways you never imagined possible.

From signage to schedules, contacts, photos, and a roster of certified Inspire Yoga Teacher Training graduates, the Data Share Portal has resources you’re able to use.  As a part of the team you will contribute your knowledge and experience to the files too and others in the future will be blessed by your successes.

We can’t wait to see what you bring to the table.

Next week, finally, we’ll achieve balance.  Until then, the light and truth in me is honored and inspired by the light and truth in each of you.  It is an honor to be your guide.


Adam Pilat


New Studio Development

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