Why Inspire Yoga: Establish Trust (4 of 8)

Our bodies know how to protect us from the world and they’ve got an arsenal of tricks to help keep us safe—both on a physical and emotional level.  When practicing at Inspire Yoga, it’s possible to realize that some of the fear, pain, and stress of daily life stays trapped in our bodies as tension; the deeper we go into our practice, the more unpleasant emotions we may stir up. 

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The good news is that yoga provides an opportunity to acknowledge and release discomfort.  Doing that, though, means grappling with the vulnerability of finding your edge.

At Inspire Yoga, we’re committed to providing an environment rooted in safety and trust.  We live those values on a personal level and they’re reflected in the community as a whole.

Our instructors create safety and trust by directing the flow of attention and emotional energy in their classes.  They are trained to see others deeply. Inspire Yoga instructors help students cultivate the tools needed to reach their highest potential.

We’re a community that values trust. It’s part of a recognition that emotional currency is a gift we’re able to share with one another, regardless of our financial means.  Trust provides safety and support beyond the traditional economic model we all seem to be stuck in.

Trust is also paramount for business.  By investing in personal relationships with our clients, staff, and instructors, we strengthen a diverse set of bonds rooted in a shared interest.  Emotional capital alone doesn’t satisfy the electric utility monopoly to keep the lights on, so some transactions still need to be measured in dollars and cents. Combining financial sustainability and emotional sustainability is our recipe for business success and strong community ties.

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The traditional employer/employee relationship is too often a one-way street; employees’ livelihoods are entirely dependent on a single employer.  As independent contractors, Inspire Yoga instructors can earn a living through service to the community. They’re rewarded for the trust they build in their classes and enjoy the financial security of diversifying their work across a community of hundreds—or thousands—of individuals.

Trust is part of the teacher training journey; give it, receive it, and feel the joy of a deepening practice.

Next week, we’ll build community.  Until then, the light and truth in me is honored and inspired by the light and truth in each of you.  It is an honor to be your guide.

Namaste. ????

Adam Pilat
New Studio Development

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