Neti Pot 101

“Tis the Season… for allergies and sinus congestion!

First off, if you have never heard of a Neti Pot I like to personally welcome you to a nasal cavity changing experience.

I did not know, nor had I ever heard of said Neti Pot before participating in my first yoga teacher training.

I felt super un-cool for not knowing what this contraption was, and when I found out it was basically pour water INTO your nose my fear of drowning instantly triggered.

“Hasn’t someone suffocated from this before?!” – “Won’t my eyeballs feel the acid burning sensation of salt water filling them as I scream bloody murder through a waterfall?!”

I know… I’m not making this appealing to you, but this is exactly what I thought.

Once I was exposed to the Neti Pot culture, (like there are meet ups and Neti Parties…..hmmm….next party idea, CHECK) I then felt like I was light years behind.

“I mean you’ve tried grass-fed almond root artisan vegan bacon from the Himalayas haven’t you?!”

NO. No I have not – And don’t present it like this is some mainstream word like the words “toothpick”, “sandwich” or “briefcase”.

Who’s to say what is mainstream to you and what’s not.


Coming back around….This is the scoop on what a Neti Pot is, how you use it, what it does, it’s health benefits and its popularity which is on the rise.

So I’m here to prep you for that “grass fed almond root artisan vegan bacon” conversation that you may encounter AND to share with you my first experience of the Neti Pot.

What is it?
It’s a small tea pot shaped container that you fill with a water based soldium chloride and sodium bicarbonate powder aka salt solution.

You can purchase small individual use packets of saline solution on Amazon or find them at your local drugstore.
You can purchase small individual use packets of saline solution on Amazon or find them at your local drugstore.

How do I use it?
Fill the pot up with lukewarm water (warm enough to melt the salt but not hot enough to burn you) and measured salt solution. Tilting your head to one side, take the spout of your Neti pot and begin pouring the lukewarm salt water into one nostril. You’re head should be tilted enough that the solution exits the opposite nasal passage.
Pour half of the solution through one nasal passage, and then switch sides. It’s all about that balance.

Will I drown?

Will I choke?
Maybe, maybe not.

Will I get snot on my face?
I will let that be a surprise… Kidding, it just depends on how much congestion you are suffering from but there is a way to keep it clean! DO THIS IN THE SHOWER!
Try not to swallow the solution. If you do remember, it’s just a little salt water and surprises – there are worse things in many other products we consume knowingly or not. THEN, blow your nose without closing off the nasal passage.

What does it do to my nasal cavity?
The warm water solution naturally breaks up and washes out the nasal cavity passing any mucus and congestion out of the body through the nose. The salt based solution also helps moisturize the cavity as well.

Use it for:
-nasal allergies, dryness, and hay fever
-sinus pressure and nasal stiffness
-nasal symptoms from flu & cold
-nasa irritation from occupational and house dust, fumes, animal dander, grass, pollen, smoke etc
-post nasal drip and nasal congestion

With a rise in natural remedies for illness and wellness you may begin to hear of this Neti Pot more frequently so now you know what it is and what it does.

So what was my first experience like?….


This coming from a person who has a fear of drowning, face planting on water skis, and is in the beginning stages of playing with alternative remedies.

The trick – don’t think about it, just stick that little tea pot up to your sniffer and whip your hair back and forth – WAIT – Don’t do that just tilt…Just tilt.


You can find a Neti Pot or NasaFlo system at your local CVS, Walgreens etc.

Try it for yourself and post your Neti Pot pics with #glamourshotNetiPot. I dare you.

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