Leanne Schulz

When I started my yoga practice it was purely for a physical workout. As my body grew stronger, I realized that my spirit and my confidence had grown stronger than I ever imagined, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Everyday that I go to the mat I'm searching for a deeper understanding of myself and my practice. With encouraging leaders and a community filled with love I decided to pursue my 200 hour training at Inspire Yoga. I hope to inspire others the way I have been and share this amazing life transformation called yoga with everyone I meet in life. As a dance instructor and choreographer I enjoy the immersion of physical flow and spiritual balance. As a comedian I enjoy taking risks and making people smile... Just kidding, I'm not a comedian but I do enjoy living life big and sharing laughs. I want to empower others to not only trust themselves in heart and body but to be confident, find joy and strength in the day to day life and have a little fun.