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Today we are excited to feature Denton yogi and current Spring 2016 Inspire Yoga School trainee, Briana Salas! One of the most important takeaways we would like you to gain from your time at Inspire Yoga is a sense of belonging. There have been countless studies on the importance of belonging somewhere, to someone or a group of people. We cannot go through this life alone. We were created to work together similar to how an orchestra comes together. The individual instruments are beautiful, created with specific and individual purposes. However, when you add in other instruments to the mix, the whole of the symphony starts to come to life! Sounds, vibrations, and abilities adjoin in perfect harmony. This is only possible when in community. At Inspire Yoga, we hope to make you feel like you are a part of a beautiful symphony. Your voice is heard. Your story is valuable. You matter. Most of all, you belong.

To be able to fully understand my love for Inspire Yoga, I need to explain where I was before. Pre-yoga, I had been struggling with fairly debilitating anxiety and depression. For six or seven years I had been on various medications, in and out of therapy, but even after all of that, I was mostly just treading water. I had a lot of coping skills in my arsenal, good and bad, but they were just that: coping. My rough patch ended with a huge final blow that derailed my academic career and the small amount of confidence I had accrued over my short life. I’ve had a rough time, but it makes me appreciate Inspire and the community within the studio that much more.

I came to Inspire Yoga and my first class was with Bethaney. It was a tough class, but getting through it in one piece, knowing I’d shown up and given it my best, was like coming home from a long day at work. It was a relief. It’s very difficult to describe, but it was so satisfying and invigorating that I started coming to the studio three to four times a week. I was hooked.

This community of yogis is helping me reclaim my sense of autonomy. It’s my decision to show up to class and to make time for self-care. I have observed that I am more aware of myself and I treat myself better. I am making time for myself I wouldn’t have before and I’m more conscious of my thoughts and actions. I can also better determine if they are ultimately best for me or not. 

Yoga is helping me to understand myself as well as establish a solid foundation for who I want to be and hope to become. Just like with any pose, the foundation is important. I’m choosing to sow my roots here because it’s solid and good. 

Even if I can’t always silence the near constant stream of anxiety and doubt in my head, the breathing techniques we learn in class help me calm myself enough to process and put things at a safer distance. I’ve taken so many newly learned practices off my mat and into my daily life. This open-minded approach to life has allowed me to reap immeasurable benefits in overcoming anxiety.

I am really grateful for my instructors at Inspire. Even if my schedule has only allowed one class, each teacher has given me tools to become more and more myself. I can’t speak for other studios, but this specific yoga space is one where I don’t feel obligated to make small talk. That being said, it’s also very easy and inviting to make friends here. Everyone, students…teachers…yogis alike, seem focused on bringing a sense of genuine kindness and peace to practice on our mats. I think that unspoken bond between my mat neighbors and instructors helps me feel safe and comfortable with the vulnerability that comes with an open mind and heart. Inspire Yoga has truly inspired my to move past coping and aim to instead, thrive.


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