Are You Taking Your Practice to its Fullest Potential?

posted by Kylee Stewart

Yoga, as we all know, is a physical practice. Many of us have come to yoga for physical exercise, maybe to lose weight, maybe to gain flexibility–the reasons are endless. How then, do we react, when the deeper, more spiritual side of yoga, jumps out and says “HEY! Pay attention to me! You need me!”?

For me, this began to happen many years after taking on a physical practice. I was introduced to yoga through a high school organization, so the teacher never really mentioned the deeper side of things. We focused mainly on poses, breath, and the fitness aspect. Of course, I knew briefly where and how yoga began, but not much more than that. Some years later I began practicing at Inspire, and suddenly, these small, seemingly insignificant moments started to make me realize, there was more to this practice than I knew.

It was at this point that I enrolled in the Inspire Yoga 200hr training program. So, here I was. I was taking that step to dive right in to all the delicious layers of yoga, hooray! Then we began to delve deep in learning about meditation, the chakras, and so much more. It was then that the complexity of my self and what yoga truly was began to entangle into a bit of confusion. Having grown up with Christian beliefs, and though I feel myself to be open-minded and adaptable, I began to learn things and discover ideas that I, very honestly, was hesitant about. Some of the time I thought “well, that’s not for me” or “I don’t necessarily agree with this” and I felt a bit lost. I so wanted to become this deeper, more spiritual yogi, and I just felt that I couldn’t.

After much time, and a bit of procrastination–let’s be honest, a great deal of procrastination–I very unwillingly began to complete our meditation and journal assignment. To say that I was against the idea of meditating is an understatement. With all these preconceived notions on what meditation should be, and how it would not fit with my life or beliefs, I struggled at first. Daily, I would dread having to do the minuscule 10-minutes of meditating, finding my mind too busy on thoughts of how I could do this. Then, the layers began to open up and I started to reflect on all these anxieties that yoga was suddenly creating. I began to realize that I had the power to create the meaning behind what I was being taught about yoga. I was being given all these great gifts and just pushing them aside because I thought I shouldn’t be embracing these areas. Once I was aware of this, I began to find my own spiritual meaning, embracing my beliefs hand in hand with the yoga lifestyle.

I had let my idea of what I felt I could not do cloud my vision depriving myself of how amazing yoga can be when you begin to explore below the surface.

The reality of yoga is that it is a practice and a lifestyle, and what that means to you, is entirely your choice . You have the power to take that step, of seeing how you can take the practices of yoga and your beliefs, and combine them into something amazing; something just for you.


Kylee has been practicing at Inspire Yoga since 2012 and graduated from Inspire's 200HR training in 2015. She has a degree in culinary arts, and is a cake decorator by trade. In addition to yoga, she has a passion for writing, which is why she joined the Inspire Yoga Blog team. If you see her around the studio, she is always up for talking about quirky TV shows and cats.

2 thoughts on “Are You Taking Your Practice to its Fullest Potential?

  1. Love this piece’s beautiful to see how you can embrace Yoga and make if your own. Our backgrounds are part of our tapestry, and Yoga can enhance our personal spiritual journey as well. Stay true to your values as your heart continues to open. It’s what makes you who you are. Always stay true and let love be your guide. I am a Christisn too, and the spirit of Yoga and the philosophy of Buddism have helped me in my inner healing as well. My goal is to help others live their best I start with myself, then choose to see the beauty that is within us all. Let love be the light that shines. This is the faith I choose. Blessings and Namaste 🙂 xo

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