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Embrace Learning – Teacher Training (3.1 of 8)

Let me tell you a little bit more about the Teacher Training program at Inspire Yoga. 

First, lets look at the big picture. What is it? Simply put: the Inspire Yoga Teacher Training program is what perpetuates our culture. Imagine the engine of optimism to motivate future instructors to be their best. Set an anchor of positivity to safeguard our members from waves of self-doubt. It is how our yoga community Embraces Learning and it is how our Studio Owners Create Enduring Value for their members.    

We view each session of yoga teacher training as a success if we are able to Create Enduring Value for each and every participant involved. How we Create Enduring Value and why this is significant will be a topic for future writing. For now, lets move on with some simple answers to all the immediate questions that are on your mind.


This is the best part! The Inspire Yoga Teacher Training program is now on permanent open enrollment! The location will rotate between Grapevine, Denton, Highland Village, and whatever new studio location opens up next!  One session just ended in Grapevine, Texas and there less than a couple months before the Denton, Texas session begins. 

Inspire Yoga Grapevine held their first IYTT program! Open enrollment for Denton is available now.

With three fully developed sites operating yoga teacher training, another session will be ready right to start shortly after the previous one ends. Register early. Get your books in advance. Get a head start. Create Enduring Value in your life!


Everyone is different with different needs… and timing is everything.  However, if you resonate with even one of these comments… sign up and get it done! Because truly, there will never be a perfect time in your life, where everything aligns and you have no other commitments; you’ve just got to do it!

  • Are you ready for a change of pace and in need of a positive environment?
  • Have you thought about it twice?  (the mind points you… listen)
  • Already taken class from several different instructors at an Inspire Yoga Studio and noticed how we maintain such great class quality amidst an environment of diversity and open creativity?
  • Do you know that building new relationships in your life is the fastest, cheapest, and most rewarding way to pursue your own growth?
  • Want to learn more about yoga than you can get from an hour-long class?
  • Time to pursue self-discovery, your passions and a life that is more than a 9-5 job?
  • Do you want to be a yoga teacher one day and you want to make sure you are learning from the best program in the area.
Find community while pursuing your dreams as a 200 RYT at Inspire Yoga.

For me, I tend to come back for the quality and the community. Choose wisely and spend your most precious time with people who lift you up. Let Inspire Yoga become your new home.


It costs less than $3,500. That’s an all in number to include some books, registration, tuition, and maybe even some gas money to get to the site holding the next session. This is one of the most affordable education opportunities out there.

Education and vocation programs in America today and their associated cost are a topic covered in more detail in this blog series. To keep it short just consider this comparison: The University of North Texas will set you back close to $30,000 per year. That is $120,000 for a degree if you do it quick. And when you are $120,000 in debt with that degree… What is your next move? 

If you are like some of the wonderful souls I have already met from North Texas, your next move is Inspire Yoga Teacher Training. So, why bother with the $120,000 cost when you can go right to the work you want to do anyway for only $3,500?  Am I saying skip college? Well, yes. I am. If you are going to spend $120,000 on anything you better have a good idea why and a good idea of precisely what value it brings you. Instead, get a part time job that you really enjoy (regardless of the pay) and do yoga teacher training. 

Remember these simple Pro-Tips; Learning has a half-life, educational tools have changed, and the cost benefit analysis of higher education is dead.  People are important, relationships are everything, and with whom you choose to spend your time will affect you more than any other decision.  Where college creates debt, Inspire Yoga Teacher Training Creates Enduring Value and Freedom.

The next Inspire Yoga Teacher Training session is right around the corner.  Enrollment is open now! What are you waiting for?



Adam Pilat


New Studio Development

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