Why Inspire Yoga: Reimagine Work (2 of 8)

Last week we discussed how I create space in my life for the more important things, and now I want to express how I embrace the change.

Embracing a yoga practice means that some opposite things both seem true.  

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 Yoga is clearly a treat and a luxury, but it can also be challenging and hard.  You have to find your edge to push yourself forward. You practice in a community full of support, but nobody does the work for you.

Yes, yoga requires effort, but it doesn’t feel like work.

It doesn’t feel like work because there’s joy, passion, growth, space, strength, and connection at Inspire Yoga®.  You know what does feel like work?  Work.

The word “employ” dates back to Latin: implicare meaning “involve, be connected with, unite.”  That’s a lofty idea compared to the more common reality of “doing something you might otherwise NOT do simply for a monetary exchange.”  Even if you don’t sort of hate your job, everybody’s gotta earn a living—as if life is something that requires earning!?  Right!?

At Inspire Yoga, we rethink our shared reliance upon one another.  While administrative arms of our established governing infrastructure may use a phrase like “right to control” to classify human relationships, we don’t see ETHICS OR VALUE in this type of overt control.  In fact, as leaders it is less our role to dictate and more our desire to empower, guide, coach, and assist. #INSPIRE  

That’s why many who find work of all kinds in our community do so as independent contractors.   This is a better relationship for individuals to create balance, explore art, and pursue their craft.  It also makes it far easier to head off backpacking in Europe when the opportunity arises! This independence teaches each individual in their own time to self-guide the pace of their own success… a critical element to constant positive self-actualization.

Things were so very different in the recent past.  During the industrial revolution, tools got so big that people built factories around them—and they needed interchangeable employees to make the system function.  Even then some people thought all this industrialization may be a bad idea, especially a group of textile workers called the Luddites—now that word is famously associated with anyone who resists the onslaught of technology.  We may not be able to resist the forces of the world, but we can choose how we embrace changes.

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On your mat, you’ll usually find that resistance isn’t sustainable—and usually masks something else, like fear. But the only path forward is to embrace the world and its tools.  The only path forward is to discover the wealth of tools inherently available and gifted from your creator through your own humanity as truly more essential—and more powerful—than any external mechanical, or electrical device.  The only path forward is to create your own path.  That’s a scary thing to do, so it’s easier to let other people steer you: into student loans, in relationships, into dogmatic infrastructure, and at “jobs”.


Rethinking work means making the choices that are right for you.  Do something you enjoy.  Support yourself in a way that supports you AND leaves a positive and lasting impact on the world.  For us, that’s Inspire Yoga. We hope you’ll join us.

Next week, we’ll embrace learning.  Until then, the light and truth in me is honored and inspired by the light and truth in each of you.  It is an honor to be your guide.


Namaste. ????

Adam Pilat


New Studio Development


5 thoughts on “Why Inspire Yoga: Reimagine Work (2 of 8)”

  1. The first part, Creating Space, I could truly relate with. I thought that would be my favorite but then you give us this! “Reimagine work” and it hits close to home. Very close. The U.S is a hustle n bustle country and if you’re not keeping up, you are considered unsuccessful. We have forgotten what it means to rest, relax, and restore. Yoga allows me to bring that part that is missing into my life, creating balance. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Tatiana! I am glad to hear some parts resonating with others. Spoiler alert: There may be an entire section dedicated to “BALANCE”. That balance you described is so important and it is what helps keep us from working ourselves into nothing.

  2. I love this post Adam! You do such a great job articulating how the Inspire Yoga community empowers us all to follow our dreams and take control of our lives. When we are passionate about what we do, it doesn’t feel like work! Thanks for posting.

    1. Doing what we enjoy is a constant exploration toward happiness! Working with you is fantastic because you do such a great job maintaining happiness with all your endeavors!

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