Meet the Instructors of Inspire Yoga Grapevine vol.4

The Inspire Yoga Grapevine Team has been assembled and we can’t wait for you to meet them! In this weekly blog series, you’ll meet the instructors who will be Inspire-ing Grapevine to get on their mats.  We welcome two wanderlust instructors who have made Texas home and are ready to share their talents with Grapevine. Meet Eileen Yuille and Angela Hendry-Wabel.

Eileen Yuille

Eileen is a Texas transplant, moving here in 2010 from northern Illinois.  After growing up in Illinois and going to college in Ohio, moving to Texas was a big adjustment. But she wouldn’t have it any other way. Now it’s become her home.

Her path to yoga began in Ohio where she took a yoga class in college to fulfill a PE requirement.

“Growing up, I was a ballet and tap dancer (both occasionally will make an appearance while in the kitchen, because dancing and cooking always seem to go well together!) and I was instantly drawn to yoga with the mindful connection to movement.”  

After moving to Denton in 2015, Eileen started practicing at Inspire Yoga and knew she had found her community.  As her practice evolved and deepened, she made the decision to enroll in Inspire Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training.

Eileen aims to cultivate mindfulness and confidence in all of her yoga students.  Understanding that we should strive for progress not perfection; her goal is to challenge the body in order to quiet the mind by turning the focus inward.

When she’s not in the studio, you can find Eileen traveling about with her boyfriend, Patrick, and her wonderfully introverted yellow lab, Phoenix, working on a calligraphy project, or at the farm.

“I’m looking forward to meeting all the amazing yogis in Grapevine and I’ll see you on your mats soon!”

I was able sit down with Eileen and ask some questions while enjoying her famous pistachio cake.  Here’s some of what we talked about it:

They say everyone has a book in them.  What would your book be about?

“My book would be about how to have both feet firmly planted on the ground but split between two worlds; one practical and the other free-spirited. I’ve learned to travel when the opportunity presents itself, immerse completely in a new hobby, and get to know someone with different life experiences. All the while, I balance a career in an office and a career on the mat; two things that don’t seemingly align but do for me.”

Who has impressed you the most with what they have accomplished?

“Bill and Melinda Gates.  Beyond the technological advancements they have made, the work their foundation does and the research they invest in, is critical for so many people.  To be able to give back and to push progress forward in such a profound way is such an accomplishment!”

Where is the most interesting place you have been?

“TEXAS, by far! I’m lucky enough to have traveled all over the world and I’m still going; after all it’s a big place.  But with all the places I’ve been, people I’ve met, and experiences I’ve had, the most interesting ones happen when you put down roots and build your community.”

Eileen can be found building her yoga community on Tuesdays at 7:30pm for Yin and Slow Flow on Saturdays at 8am.  But don’t wait until we open to take one of Eileen’s classes!  You can sign up for her free yoga class as Grapevine Craft Brewery on Aug 4th.

Angela Hendry-Wabel

Angela grew up in the small and diverse country of Switzerland.  In 2009, she met her husband in Las Vegas.  Three years later, he proposed while they were traveling through China. The year after, they married in Italy.  After traveling through New Zealand, French Polynesia and L.A., they decided they wanted one last big adventure before having kids.  Angela gave up her career as a HR manager and coach to move across the globe with her husband’s company to Texas.  One year later, their daughter, Sophie, was born.  The following year, they had a son, Aiden, and their family was complete.

It hasn’t been easy for Angela to be so far away from home and family.  Going through these difficult times, made her do some soul-searching.

“What make ME happy?  Luckily, I needn’t look far.  Yoga and aromatherapy have always even part of my life. All I had to do is thrust them back into the forefront.  Yoga and aromatherapy have given me the tools to recharge, channel my emotions and set my creativity free.”

Angela took her first yoga class as a teenager and her aromatherapy journey started 15 years ago when a friend exposed her to homeopathy and aromatherapy.  The power of plants pulled her into a full education in aromatherapy.  After graduation, she focused on the healing property of essential oils.  More recently, Angela threw out all her conventional cosmetics and toiletries, and instead created her own!  Not until she joined Inspire Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training Program did the idea of combining aromatherapy and yoga strike her.  With her knowledge of aromatherapy, Angela is able to create a very unique yoga experience.  This is how was born which you can soon find on the shelves of Inspire Yoga Grapevine.

“This is where my journey has brought me, and all the pieces to my puzzle are startingto come together.  I feel overjoyed at the prospects and opportunity of doing what I love.  I’m living my dream and it’s my hope to inspire the people around me, just as I have been inspired on and off my yoga mat.”

I love getting to sit down with Angela at her home as we talk and play with her kids.  Here are the answers to some of the questions I asked her the last time we got together.

What is the best compliment you have received?

“The best compliment for me is to see the happy faces and the after-yoga glow in my students.”

What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

“Live abroad in a foreign country.  You learn a lot about yourself and the people around you.  It changes your perspective and you grow in ways you couldn’t even image.”

What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming months?

“Foremost, teaching at Inspire Yoga Grapevine and being part of any amazing community.  And also, my next big adventure abroad.  I will be taking the 500 Hour Yoga Certification in Goa, India next April.  I’m absolutely thrilled and excited about it!”

Life is all about balance for Angela.  You can find her teaching challenging and creative Inspire  Vinyasa Flows on Tuesdays at 6pm and Sundays at 9:30am.  On Thursdays at 10:30am, she’ll be countering the yang with her grounding and balancing yin classes.

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  1. Congrats Eileen and Angela. Thank you for joining this team of great instructors for Grapevine. We can’t wait to open and let the more of the Dallas Fort Worth community experience your classes and more of the Inspire Yoga Teacher Training graduates.

    1. Thanks for checking out our studios Kathryn! We hope you are enjoying your first week and we are excited the Grapevine location will be close enough to make it easy for you to visit often! Please let us know what you think of you right first experiences at Inspire!

    1. Thank you Sanja! Inspire is fortunate to have such fantastic yoga teacher training graduates! We are ready to share this network with more of the Dallas and Fort Woth area! Grapevine will be a very central area to allow lots of folks to experience classes with Angela, Eileen, and the team!

  2. Congratulations Eileen and Angela! We fortunate to have such outstanding Inspire Yoga Teacher Training Graduates to lead the Grapevine Community! I can’t wait to come and take your classes!

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