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This month we are excited to feature not one, but TWO Inspiring Yogis! Roland and Anna San Miguel have been attending Inspire Yoga Denton since 2015. This father-daughter duo attends class as a way to spend time together and to each grow personally. We are excited for you to learn a little more about them. Read below!

Since 2014, nothing will replace the memories and time I have spent with Anna practicing yoga. Besides being vegetarian together, Anna and I have been looking forward to our yoga practice together since 2014. After our neighborhood yoga studio shut its doors, we landed at Inspire Yoga Denton in late 2015 and have never looked back.

Simplicity! As a practicing minimalist, I am attracted to the simplicity of yoga. Other than a mat (optional) and your breath, you need nothing else. Enjoying most classes with my daughter is the most rewarding aspect of the practice along with the sense of calm that I experience at every class. Yoga is like an injection of calm that slowly depletes until I reach my next class. In my day-to-day, I use the reminders from my last class as well as my breath to level set and reduce my anxiousness and stress.

Physically, practicing yoga at Inspire has improved my results in competitive cycling. Specifically, my core and flexibility have improved drastically. Also, the Thrive Program hooked me on juicing which I do every week and I am also eating cleaner than ever before. Thanks Nancy!

I know that every time I walk into Inspire, I will be greeted with a smile, positive attitudes, A+ instructors and great music. It is truly a community of yogis who are healthy, positive and kind.

Anna and I will always have yoga together. The time with her, for me, is invaluable and the experiences are always healthy and fun. Individually, Anna walks out of every class with a clearer mind and improved perspective. Through instructor’s guidance, words and poses, every class experience reveals something better and/or new for Anna.

Improved patience has been a perk after every class. From the moment we roll out our mats, we understand that we will not be able to perform a pose to its full potential without patience. This can translate into everyday life. For Anna, when she successfully held crow pose for more than 3 seconds, patience helped her realize that all the previous attempts helped her achieve crow for an extended time.

For this proud Dad, anytime my daughter wants to yoga, I will be there, one mat over…

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