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Happy November, yogis! Hard to believe we are already making our way into the cold weather and fun holiday festivities. Don’t forget to slow down and take time for yourself in these busy times. Take a couple minutes today to learn about our November Inspiring Yogi, Enrique Aguirre! Enrique practices mostly at the Highland Village location, but you can find him on his mat at Denton from time to time as well. Happy reading!

Hello. My name is Enrique Aguirre; it is not easy to write about myself. But, I will give it a try. I would first like to thank Nancy and the entire Inspire team for inviting me to write about my experiences with yoga and the Inspire studio, I am honored to do it. I have been practicing yoga for a year and a half, the majority of it at Inspire Yoga. My journey began with encouragement from my girlfriend who had been an avid yogi for many years. I started with a handful of classes at LA Fitness, but my real practice has been at Inspire Yoga. I still remember my first few classes, much like most beginners, I felt clumsy and completely out of my element. I still feel that way, but much less now. Though, I think I will remain a novice a while longer.

A little about me, I am a proud dad of two beautiful girls, Maia and Alexandria, who are everything to me. My fondness of sports, like tennis, hiking, mountain biking and running has helped me stay in moderate shape. I also have a lifelong love for international travel, learning different cultures and languages. But yoga has just come into my life and unexpectedly become a part of it. I never imagined that it would have the impact it has had on me. I’ve really only scratched the surface, but what has been most rewarding is that I have found my constant source of ease and connection with myself. I

cannot wait to come back to that feeling of just being present. When I step into the studio, all my worries, my external priorities, my anxieties are left outside. What takes its place is anticipation of expending more strength than I have; for stretching muscles to their limit, for focusing on one breath at a time. Reaching a point where I can no longer go, but trying for just one more breath, that is my reward.

In the short time that I have practiced yoga, I have experienced both physical and mental change. Physically, I feel more toned that I have been in a long time and my recovery time after strenuous exercise has been significantly reduced. I read somewhere that yoga is the practice of quieting the mind. I believe that wholeheartedly. As a bonus, the calming effects of yoga have helped me deal with my tinnitus.

What I have loved about Inspire Yoga are the instructors. I recently started attending both studios and attend the classes of several teachers, each bringing their own style and individuality to their instruction. It has been amazing to me that often the message conveyed by the teacher enmeshes with the encouragement I needed that particular day.

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