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Another month, another very inspiring yogi to feature! This December, we are thrilled to highlight Highland Village yogi – Shelley Tue! Shelley is very dedicated to her practice and most days you can find her on her mat at the studio. Her joyous presence is felt by all! We are excited for you to get to know her a little bit better.

I have been practicing yoga at Inspire for going on three years. My husband tried to get me to start much sooner, but being an “athlete” I thought it wouldn’t be enough of a workout for me…so I continued to try the gym and personal trainers and was never satisfied. I couldn’t see a physical change in my body and didn’t enjoy working out. Finally, I tried Inspire and could not have been more wrong! Yoga has done more for my health, both physically and mentally, than any other workout I have ever tried. I am amazed!

My favorite pose is probably down dog. It is a restorative pose for me. You can pause in downward dog and get a break, catch your breath, and reset yourself – but you are still working all at the same time. It’s kind of like daily life, you just need those moments of renewing and refreshing to keep calm and peaceful, while still functioning and getting stuff done.

The instructors at Inspire are all great. They each have their own style, yet they all are consistent which makes every class enjoyable!

Thank you Inspire for inspiring me daily to be the best person I can be, the person God created me to be! You are all an inspiration!

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