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Today we are featuring a Denton student named Wendy, who has been a part of our community of yogis since October of 2015 (our first few months in the Denton studio!). She is very dedicated to her practice and brings a smile to everyone’s face when she walks into the studio with her joyful and kind-hearted personality. We are excited for you to get to know her a little bit better.

Hi! I am Wendy Benne and I have been practicing yoga at Inspire for one and a half years. I took my first class at Inspire Yoga. Truthfully, that first class wasn’t all that different from the class I took this week. I walked up the sidewalk with tingles of nervousness, quietly signed in at the desk and moved quickly into the studio to ensure I had my now favorite spot in the back-left corner of the room where I think the teachers’ and other yogis will not see me very well. I listened carefully to the teachers’ instructions and tried my best. Now, as I listen to instruction and try my best; I tune out the rest of the world and find myself in a euphoric state of mind on my mat. As class concludes, I recognize my practice is not about where I place my mat or comparing my flexibility levels with others in the room; my practice is about my journey and how I choose to focus on individual aspects of my practice. One of my favorite inspirational quotes has helped me get to where I am today. “You are perfect just the way you are!”, stated by Inspire Yoga instructors many times during class. This quote gives me the approval to free my mind of unnecessary entangled thoughts and set my own intentions and awareness on what is important for me.

The most rewarding aspect of yoga has been that I was finally able to run my first half marathon! This year has taught me to be patient, listen to my body and accept where I am in the present moment. I am just now beginning to realign my body after years of running and training my body in unnatural ways. My victories are small and take a long time, but they are so worth it in the long run! I couldn’t have done any of this if it weren’t for two very important groups of people: my family and my Inspire Yoga family. My husband and kids have sacrificed a lot, but never stopped believing in me, encouraging me, and if necessary, kicking me out the door to make it to yoga class on time. Once I’m out the door, I have my instructors and friends at the studio rooting for me. I am so grateful for all the knowledge, experience, and expertise my instructors have shared and their ability to do so in a loving and supportive manner. My Inspire Yoga family also consists of the best people and most amazing yogis I have ever met. Their support and encouraging spirits are constantly lifting my spirits when I need it most. Even if I don’t officially know some of the yogis in the class, their energy during class or a friendly smile before or after makes all the difference. 

There have been so many ways yoga has changed my life. Thanks to Inspire Yoga and the Thrive Program; I had no idea how good my body could feel. I am more mindful of what I eat, healed injuries through the consistent practice of yoga, improved sleep, and have had full control and awareness of my whole body. I was enlightened on how the practice of yoga played a significant role in my mental stimuli daily and how my body has adapted to allow me to thrive throughout stressful situations. The clutter of constant unnecessary thoughts became less the more I practiced. I feel less strain on my senses and it is easier to deal with day to day annoyances that typically bothered me: traffic, my quiet country suburbs turning into a thriving city and unorganized situations. I am a kindergarten teacher and yoga rejuvenates all my lost energy, mental awareness, and supports my efforts to be focused, disciplined, and more productive in the moment.

Being at Inspire Yoga is the highlight of my day. Each class is an opportunity to see what is possible and to see how I can develop myself mentally and physically. The advice I must offer is this: Come to class as often as you can, you will be surrounded by beautiful and motivating yogis, try your best; nobody will ask for more. And listen to the instructors; after all, they love each of us just as we are – as much as we love them. I cherish being part of the Inspire Yoga community because the support of my instructors and fellow yogis inspires me to push myself to reach new limits and set new goals.

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