Why Inspire Yoga: Access Freedom (8 of 8)

The Why Inspire Yoga series may be ending, but this is where your journey begins. From letting go of what no longer serves us and making space for the more important things in our lives, to finding our passion and pursuing it, I hope I’ve sparked a fire inside of you to create your own path to freedom. Finally, I want to share with you my final tips in pursuing opening your own Inspire Yoga studio. Make sure to check out the previous blogs before jumping ahead!

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The American dream is often represented in popular culture by a prairie home with a white picket fence.  But as nice as that vision might be, it’s a stand-in for something deeper and more powerful: freedom and ownership.

We’re all blessed with an opportunity to create our own path—to invest in ourselves instead of stocks and bonds, to create security instead of risk—by embracing the self-determination of small business ownership. 

Ownership provides freedom from all sorts of anxiety: financial, social, emotional.  The freedom of entrepreneurship can be intimidating, but when you’re part of the Inspire Yoga community, you’re never alone.

As long as you provide the drive, the Inspire Yoga owner community will make sure you’ve got the tools, information, and encouragement you’ll need to succeed.  Freedom doesn’t come with a script, so we want you to write your own story.

What to expect when opening an INSPIRE YOGA studio

  • Graduation: you have already completed the 200 hour Inspire Yoga Teacher Training or you have just entered the current class/ session.
  • Patience:  It will probably take a year from the time you DECIDE until the time you OPEN.
  • Exclusivity: License the Inspire Yoga trademarks within an exclusive geography.
  • Staffing:  Use Inspire Yoga certified graduates to staff your studio instructors.
  • Support: Bethaney, Adam, and the owner network will be an example for you.
  • Love:  We love this organization, and we aren’t going to let you be a part of it if you don’t love it too.  🙂

    Find community at Inspire Yoga. Inspire others with our 200 & 300 hr IYTT available year round.

On an extremely personal note, it is beyond words to express my gratitude for the existing Inspire Yoga Community.  Being a part of this group is the best thing I could have ever imagined for my life. I’m so grateful to have Inspire Yoga as an outlet—and I’m grateful to the all the members of the Inspire Yoga community who share this journey. 

Thank you for your presence and attention, and for the opportunity to share my passion with you.  I hope that whatever your particular talents are, you find a way to put them to good use. If you think yoga studio ownership is a path you might be on, my door is always open—I’ll happily share what I’ve learned along the way.  Sharing is the way we connect, grow, and love.


Adam Pilat


New Studio Development


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